LEAN Final

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  1. What is single-piece flow?
    One-piece-at-a-time processing
  2. What does WIP stand for?
    Work in Progress
  3. In what box of the A3 do PDSA cycles occur?
  4. In what part of a PDSA do you collect data and analyze the results?
  5. What is did we use in class to pass around for PDSA Cycles?
  6. Which of the following is an attribute of standard work?
    A simple written description of the safest, highest quality, and most efficient way known to perform a particular task.

    Expected to be continually improved
  7. Which of the following in not 1 of the 3 critical elements for every person preforming standard work?
    The amount the task costs to complete
  8. Which of the following are DON'Ts for creating standard work?
    Put standard work in a desk drawer

     Make standard work difficult to change

    Change processes without changing standard work

    Give up on standard work – it can be tough, but it’s very important

  9. What should you look for when you are observing Standard Work?
    All of the above
  10. Which of the following are attributes of a Pull system?
    Low Waste, Disciplined, High Customization and Low Volume, System Efficiency, Reaction
  11. What is Kanban?
    A system for pulling, pacing, and sequencing items in a process.
  12. What is a cell?
    An arrangement of people, systems, items, and methods with the processing steps placed right next to each other (physically or digitally) in sequential order, through which parts are processed in a continuous flow.
  13. Which of the following is not a factor in impacting sustainability?
    Implementing Kanban Systems
  14. Looking at the attached blank flow cell, what would go in the empty space marked 1?
    Single Piece Flow
  15. what would go in the empty space marked 2?
    Standard Work
  16. what would go in the empty space marked 3?
  17. what would go in the empty space marked 4?
  18. what would go in the empty space marked 5?
    Visual Management
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