Day 27

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  1. assistance
    n. aid, help, support                  원조,도움
  2. avoid
    v. eschew, shun, prevent, evade, escape  ~을 피하다
  3. best-suited
    adj. most appropriate           가장 적절한
  4. bridle
    n. harness, halter          (말에게 씌우는) 굴레

    Annie got her favorite horse Bandito ready for the trail ride, and put on the bridle before lifting the saddle into place.
  5. classify
    v. categorize, arrange, assort        분류하다
  6. collectively
    adv. together, unitedly                   공동으로,집합적으로
  7. comparable
    adj. similar, like, analogous             유사한
  8. cultivator
    n. farmer, grower               경작자

    The mushroom cultivator decided to grow mushrooms at home.
  9. designated
    adj. specified, assigned, appointed    지정된

    Unlike the National League, the American Baseball League selects a designated hitter to bat for the pitcher.
  10. detrimental
    adj. harmful, damaging, prejudicial   해로운, 불리한

    Drinking and smoking have been proven to be detrimental to health.
  11. differentiate
    v. distinguish                          구별하다
  12. display
    v. show, exhibit         보여주다
  13. emissary
    n. messenger, carrier, agent         사절,특사

    The pharmacetical companies are sending emissaries to tell doctors about the safeness of the low-cost generic drugs.
  14. enact
    v. pass, adopt, make into law    (법을)제정하다

    The movement pressured Congress to enact the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  15. evenly
    adv. equally, uniformly      고르게, 일관되게
  16. expedience
    n. advantage. convenience          편의,형편

    What Park has done is to sacrifice long-term effectiveness for short-term expedience.
  17. genuinely
    adv. actually, truly, really            정말로
  18. immediately
    adv. straight away, instantly, directly, promptly                              즉시, 당장
  19. important
    adj. significant, critical, consquential    중요한
  20. inconceivable
    adj. unimaginable, unthinkable     상상도 못할

    Exploring outer space was once considered inconceivable.
  21. in progress
    phr. unfinished, ongoing           진행 중인
  22. it followed that~
    phr. it was logical that ~        그 결과로서 ~가 되었다

    After the criminal confessed, it followed that he would testify.
  23. keep in touch
    phr. communicate                   연락을 유지하다
  24. massacre
    n. slaughter, annihilation, murder 대량학살

    The massacre of political opponents was followed by confiscation of their property.
  25. mean
    v. 1. signify, imply, express     ~을 의미하다

    adj. 2. contemptible, despicable, ignoble 비열한
  26. mute
    adj. quiet, silent, dumb                    무언의, 말없는
  27. participate
    v. share, partake             함께하다, 참여하다
  28. pit
    v. 1. set into aoopsition   (사람, 기술 등을) ~와 대항시키다

    The war pitted brother against brother.

    n. 2. hole, cavity            구멍, 구덩이
  29. raise
    v. boost, lift, elevate             올리다

    Any organizing of workers to raise wages was an illegal act in 1806.
  30. rare
    adj. scarce, unusual, infrequent  드문
  31. respectively
    adv. particularly, individually         각각, 제각기

    Third quarter earnings in machine tool exports and vehicle inports are 51.4 million and 29.6 million, respectively.
  32. seemingly
    adv. apparently           보기에, 겉보기에는

    The country road was dusty and seemingly endless.
  33. sporadically
    adv. occationally, at intervals, infrequently  때때로, 간헐적으로

    Taking his medication sporadically, John did not recover from his illness.
  34. stringent
    adj. strict, austere, tight              엄한, 엄중한

    The Spartan's way of rearing their children was very stringent.
  35. superficial
    adj. external, outward        외면의,깊이없는, 얄팍한

    John had a superficial appearance of being happy, but he was actually quite upset.
  36. timid
    adj. shy                         소심한, 용기가 없는

    Sarah overcame her timid nature to become an influential woman during the Civil War.
  37. transport
    v. carry, convey, transfer, bear          운송하다
  38. unavoidable
    adj. inevitable, inescapable, ineluctable 불가피한
  39. uniform
    adj. consistent, even, invariable     일관성 있는
  40. unsubstantial
    adj. unreal, dreamlike, ethereal   비현실적인, 실체가 없는

    Most scientists doubt extra sensory perception because it is unsubstantial and cannot be tested objectively.
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