Minor Prophets

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Minor Prophets
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  1. Theme of Hosea
    Loyal love
  2. Hosea 13
    Complacency with abundance
  3. Theme of Joel
    The day of The Lord
  4. Joel 2
    Repent in heart, not externally
  5. Theme of Amos
    Social injustice of Israel
  6. Amos 3
    God is sovereign over calamity
  7. Theme of Obadiah
    Edom's Judgement
  8. Theme of Jonah
    God's mercy on the repentant
  9. Jonah 2
    Salvation belongs to the Lord
  10. Jonah 4
    God loves the city
  11. Theme of Micah
    The justice of God
  12. Micah 5
    Eternal Christ from Bethlehem
  13. Micah 6
    Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God
  14. Theme of Nahum
    Nineveh's Judgement
  15. Nahum 1
    God's anger and goodness
  16. Theme of Habakkuk
    Judgment on Judah through deportation
  17. Habakkuk 2
    The righteous will live by faith
  18. Habakkuk 3
    When everything crumbles, God is my joy
  19. Theme of Zephaniah
    Future global judgment
  20. Theme of Haggai
    Construct the temple
  21. Haggai 2
    The glory of the church is greater than the glory of the temple
  22. Theme of Zechariah
    Preparation for the Messiah
  23. Zechariah 4
    Great things happen by God's spirit, not man's power
  24. Zechariah 9
    Christ comes on a donkey
  25. Theme of Malachi
    True worship
  26. Malachi 1
    Give your best to God
  27. Malachi 2
    God hates divorce
  28. Malachi 3
    Test God with your giving