GCSE 1.1.2 Influences

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  1. Initiatives such as the Youth Sport Trust's TOP programme aim to contribute to the development of healthy, active lifestyles.
    Briefly explain two ways that initiatives such as this can lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle.
    • 1. Programmes are concerned with participation/getting more involved in sport / providing more opportunities 
    • 2. This can be a physical health benefit (allow appropriate example: drop in resting blood pressure; reduction in cholesterol / reduction in obesity) 
    • 3. Mental benefit(allow appropriate example: increased serotonin therefore 'feel good'; fun / increase self-esteem) 
    • 4. Social benefit (allow appropriate example: social mixing) 
    • 5. Accept reference to five-a-day / improving diet
  2. Identify three different roles available to become involved in physical activity.
    Leadership OR coach OR leader OR captain 

    • Volunteering OR specific volunteer role (e.g. first aider)
    • Official OR referee OR umpire OR judge  
  3. GCSE PE students were determined to help their parents, Janet and John, become involved in sport so that Janet and John could benefit from a healthy, active lifestyle.
    If John is new to a sport which level of the sports participation pyramid will he enter?
  4. Rob regularly represents his school in cross-country and runs for his county in inter-county championships. What stage of the sports participation pyramid will Rob have achieved?
    Performance, Elite, Professional, Excellence
  5. Identify the 6 Key Influences on participation
    • Cultural
    • Health
    • Resources
    • Image
    • Socio Economic
    • People
  6. Identify 2 Image factors that can influence participation
    • Media
    • Fashion
  7. Identify 3 Cultural Factors that can influence participation
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Race
  8. Identify 3 people factors that can influence participation
    • Family
    • Peers
    • Role Models
  9. Identify 2 examples of how socio economic status can influence participation in physical activity
    • Cost
    • Status of an activity
  10. Identify 4 resource factors that influence participation
    • Availability
    • Access
    • Location
    • Time
  11. Identify 2 Health and Well being factors that can influence participation
    • illness
    • health problems
  12. Identify 3 agancies involved in increasing sports participation
    • Youth Sport Trust
    • Sport England
    • National Governing Bodies
  13. Identify the 4 stages of the Participation Pyramid
    • Foundation
    • Participation
    • Performance
    • Elite
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