Comm 100 Chapter 1 Vocab: The Communication Tradition

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  1. rhetoric
    the study of comunication
  2. rhetoricians
    people who study communication
  3. Aristotle
    • Born in 384 BC
    • Founded the Lyceum, school for rhetoric
    • Open for young men
    • Student of Plato
  4. Plato
    • Founded Plato's Academy
    • Aristotle attended
  5. ethos
    • personal character or credibility
    • Why should I trust them?
  6. pathos
    the ability to arouse emotion
  7. logos
    • wording and logic of a message
    • facts
  8. Corax and Tisias
    • lived a century before Aristotle
    • study of communication is always prompted my political problems
  9. classical period
    • lasted 900 yrs from 5th century BC to 4th century AD.
    • Athenian Democracy
    • lasted though Roman but closed after Christianity
  10. Sophists
    professional speech teachers
  11. Cicero (106-43 BC)
    • Roman politician
    • Wrote on communication theory
    • Died after joining forces against Mark Antony
  12. cannons of rhetoric
    five major topics of communication
  13. Cannons of Rhetoric: invention
    process of deciding on the subject matter of one's speech
  14. Cannons of Rhetoric: style
    ways to argue in different contexts
  15. Cannons of Rhetoric: arrangement
    described ways to order ideas effectively
  16. Cannons of Rhetoric: memory
    the ability to hold style, content and arrangement in one's head.
  17. Cannons of Rhetoric: delivery
    • tone of the speaker
    • use a pleading voice and graceful gestures
  18. Quintilian (35-95 CE)
    the last great classical theorist
  19. medieval period and Rensaissance
    little insight was added to classical thought on communication because of Christianity ect.
  20. Augustine (354-430)
    • Wanted to pursue communication to spread word of God
    • to prevent people who spread the word of evil
  21. modern period
    revival of rhetoric study
  22. Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
    analysts of perceptual bias
  23. Rene Descartes and John Locke
    believed that knowledge could only be obtained through discourse that was solidly grounded in an understanding of human rationality
  24. George Campbell (1719-1796)
    relationship between speaker and audience
  25. scientific method
    a belief in controlled laboratory experimentation and careful, objective measurements.
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