Comm 100 Chapter 2 Vocab: Definitions, Models and Perspectives

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  1. definition
    Latin word meaning "to determine, bring to and end, or settle"
  2. breadth
    how broad or narrow a definition is
  3. intentionality
    is communication intentional?
  4. sender-based communication
    the person who is speaking, sending a message is communicating
  5. reveiver-based communication
    the person who is interpreting the message is communicating.
  6. symbols
    arbitrary and conventionalized representations
  7. spoken symbolic interaction
    the way people use symbolic words to create common meaning and share that meaning with another
  8. non-verbal interaction
    the unspoken, often unintentional behavior that accompanies verbal communication and helps us fully interpret its meaning.
  9. model
    an abstract representation of a process, a description of its structure or function.
  10. explanatory function
    dividing a process into constituent parts and showing us how parts are connected
  11. predictive function
    • models that allow us to answer "If... then" questions.
    • Ex: hypothesis
  12. control function
    a model that show us how to control a process
  13. perspective
    a coherent set of assumptions about the way a process operates
  14. psychological perspective
    focuses on that happens inside the minds of communicators as they transmit and receive messages.
  15. social construct perspective
    sees communication as a process whereby people, using the tools provided by their culture, create collective representations of reality.
  16. pragmatic perspective
    communication consists of a a system of interlocking, independent "moves", which become patterned over time.
  17. laws approach
    • connected to the psychological approach
    • describe cause and effect laws that connect communication variables.
  18. rules approach
    • connected to the social construct perspective
    • human behavior is chosen
  19. systems approach
    • connected to the pragmatic perspective
    • describe inter-dependent patterns of behavior rather that individual behaviors
  20. cultural studies perspective
    culture shapes communication
  21. ethnography of communication
    when people share common ways of thinking about communication and common styles of talk, they have formed a speech community
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