Comm 100 Chapter 3 Vocab: Listening and Perception

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  1. listening
    the process of receiving, constructing, meaning from, and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages.
  2. hearing
    a physiological process that occurs when sound waves are translated into electrical impulses then processed my the central nervous system.
  3. attention
    the process of selectively focusing on certain events in the environment
  4. structure
    putting pictures and sounds into words
  5. stability
    what you can view a situation from multiple points of view without becoming disoriented
  6. meaning
    when you can identify characters and guess what will happen next
  7. schemata
    identify and organize incoming information
  8. person prototypes
    idealized representations of a certain kind of person
  9. personal constructs
    characteristics that we notice on a daily basis about others
  10. chronically accessible constructs
    constructs that are important to us and that we frequently use, regardless of circumstances.
  11. cognitive complexity
    occurs when in individual has a large, rich, and varied set of personal constructs.
  12. scripts
    interpret sequence of events and tells us what comes next
  13. schematic default options
    • details that are supplied when actual info is missing
    • all schema have them
  14. mindless (automatic) processing
    when we rely on old routines and mental habits to give us info about the world
  15. mindful processing
    • a state of alert and lively awareness.
    • actively thinking about the world
  16. perception check
    is a response that allows you to state you interpretation and ask your partner weather or not that interpretation was correct.
  17. God and Devil terms
    • God terms are so positive they go unchallenged
    • Devil terms express negative values and repel the listener
  18. description
    observation of a state of affairs
  19. inference
    a personal interpretation of the meaning behind the behavior being described.
  20. evaluation
    adding positive or negative judgememnt
  21. active listening
    • responding in a way that lets the speaker know you are listening
    • nodding head, eye contact, "mhm"s ect.
  22. paraphrasing
    repeating the sender's message in our own words
  23. false memory
    memory is faulty. Sometimes we can't remember things that happened and sometimes we remember things that never happened.
  24. retroactive inhibition
    • when new learning interferes with earlier stored material.
    • remember PORN acronym.
  25. cognitive response theorists
    point out that people accept messages not on the basis of what the speaker says but on the basis of their own responses to the speaker's message.
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