business 1200 test 2

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  1. The formula that summarizes what the balance sheet shows, is Assets = Liabilities +
    any/ all of the abovr
  2. If inflation catches on in Japan but wages don't rise, households _____________________________.
    will be worse off than before
  3. Japan's currency is the ___________.
  4. A Profit and Loss Statement provides detailed information about a company’s assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity
  5. Which of the following items will NOT be included in Fixed Assets in a company’s balance sheet?
  6. Over the past 15 years, wages in Japan have
  7. The article points out that ______________ is/are helping fuel exports and record profits at companies such as Toyota Motor and Hitachi.
    a weak Japanese currency
  8. Cathay Pacific Airways faces a daunting challenge in the near term because of _______________________________.
    budget carriers
  9. Generally a real variable, such as the real interest rate, is one where the effects of inflation have been factored in
  10. Discount airlines have the smallest share of market in ___________________.
    Hong Kong
  11. The home country of Qantas Airways
  12. According to the article that we read Jos. A. Bank recently announced that it is considering acquiring ______ to make itself less acquirable by Men’s Wearhouse.
    Eddie Bauer
  13. On Nov. 26, Men’s Wearhouse made a $1.6 billion counteroffer to buy Jos. A. Bank in a classic ____ takeover defense strategy.
  14. On Sept. 12 last year, Men’s Wearhouse announced subpar earnings for 2013, in part due to _____.
    brides who delayed their weddings as a result of the number 13 in 2013
  15. In the Income Statement, the term “cost of goods sold” indicates those administrative expenses that go toward supporting the company’s operations, such as salaries of administrative personnel, utilities, stationary etc.
  16. Analysts are generally favorable of a Men’s Wearhouse–Jos. A. Bank merger, suggesting the combined businesses could drive better bargains with suppliers, eliminate redundant stores, and uncover other savings.
  17. The Colombian currency is the ___________.
  18. Most developing countries are currently raising
    interest rates and selling dollars to strengthen their currencies
  19. In the Income Statement, Cost of Goods Sold is subtracted from Net Revenue to arrive at a subtotal called_____________.
    gross profit
  20. To make a decision on whether to spend an amount of money now or in the future, you will look at the impact of both the current interest rates as well as the inflation rate
  21. In business, the term M&A commonly refers to
    Mergers and Acquisitions
  22. A Depreciation is the process of spreading the cost of an asset over the period that it is used.
  23. Colombia has an inflation target of _____________ percent to 4 percent.
  24. The type of Intellectual Property protection usually given to an invention is _________________.
    patent protection
  25. Colombian policymakers are letting the peso decline, because inflation is hovering close to a six-decade high.
  26. The Colombian peso’s slump benefits coffee, banana, and flower importers
  27. We read that the U.S. Postal Service has launched its Metro Post same-day delivery service _________.
    in two major cities and had unclear results
  28. Earnings per share is calculated as follows;
    Net income/Average number of common shares outstanding
  29. The type of Intellectual Property protection usually given to a distinctive business sign or icon is __________.
    Trademark protection
  30. Why would major Internet retailers like Amazon and EBay launch their own same-day delivery services?
    b and c
  31. Current assets recorded in the Balance Sheet are
    All assets the company expects to convert to cash within one year
  32. Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights are all protected for the actual lifetime of the inventor, artist or company.
  33. What are some of the special restrictions and barriers faced by the Postal Service compared to other delivery companies?
    all of the above
  34. What are some advantages the Postal Service seem to be accomplishing with its pilot programs?
    b and c above
  35. As a manager of your company you are satisfied to learn that your Intellectual Property will be protected for a period of 20 years. You also know that this type of Intellectual Property protection is:
    patent protection
  36. Instead of a few of the truck-size, nine-figure
    satellites the big companies use, the startups are building dozens of satellites that cost from __________ to ____________ each.
    hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few million dollars
  37. What question would these satellite images not
    "How busy is the movie theater now?"
  38. If you are a company that exports a significant part of your sales, you would want__________.
    your country’s currency to be relatively weak
  39. Online mapping companies such as ________ are expected to start using Skybox images for parts of their services soon.
  40. The formula Current Assets -Inventory/Current Liabilities is used to calculate
    the quick ratio
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