Chapter 4 glossary terms

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  1. Matter
    Anything that has mass and takes  up space.
  2. Pure substance
    • -contains only one type of particle
    • -cannot be broken down further by physical methods
    • -can be an element or a compound
  3. Mixture
    • Contains more than one kind of particle
    • Can be separated by physical methods.
    • Can be a mechanical mixture or a solution
  4. Element
    A pure substance that cannot be broken down into similar parts and sill retain it's properties
  5. Compound
    • - A compound that is made up of two or more different elements that are chemically combined
    • - Can be broken down chemically
    • - Ex. H2O, CO2, H2O2

  6. Physical property
    A characteristic of a substance that can be observed and measured without changing the identity of the substance.
  7. Viscosity
    • Resistance to flow
    • -is a quantitative physical property
  8. Melting point
    • Temp. of melting
    • -is a quantitative physical property
  9. Boiling point
    • Temp. of boiling
    • -is a quantitative physical property
  10. Solubility
    • Ability to dissolve in a substance
    • -is a quantitative physical property
  11. Density
    • ratio of mass to volume
    • -is a quantitative physical property
  12. Chemical property
    Describes the behaviour of a substance as it reacts with another substance to form one or more new substances
  13. combustibility
    • The ability of something to react rapidly with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide
    • - Ex. Propane is used as a fuel to cook and heating air in hot air balloons.
  14. Stability
    The ability of a substance to remain the unchanged.
  15. Toxicity
    The ability of a substance to cause harmful effects in plants and animals.

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