Ch. 10 Social Stigma: the experience of prejudice

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  1. What is social stigma?
    the experience of being socially discredited or flawed by a personal trait or characteristic
  2. What is actual identity?
    the "you" you know yourself to be
  3. What is virtual identity?
    the "you" other people believe you to be
  4. What is ambivalence?
    having negative reactions to stigmatized people while also have positive feelings toward them
  5. What is courtesy stigma?
    stigma that is experienced indirectly based on one's association with a stigmatized individual
  6. What is mindfulness?
    stigmatized people wanting to reduce or at least understand this discrepancy by taking others' perspective on themselves
  7. What is stereotype threat?
    doubts that arise in one's mind about one's own competence and worthiness when faced with other's negative beliefs about one's character and ability
  8. What are the components of stigma?
    mismatch of identities, attribute-stereotype connection, situationally determined, being the object of ambivalent attitudes
  9. How is stigma related to identity?
    an inconsistency between a person's actual and virtual identities leads to stigma
  10. How is stigma related to the attribute-stereotype connection?
    stigma can be formed through connecting a person's attribute to a negative stereotype held about that attribute
  11. How is stigma situationally determined?
    based on how a situation identifies or shows a person's attribute that others view negatively leads to the person being stigmatized
  12. How is stigma related to ambivalent attitudes?
    Even though stigmas are associated with negative traits people hold toward them those traits also have positive attributes to them as well no matter how few
  13. What is spoiled identity?
    stigmatized person being discredited in others' eyes
  14. How does stereotype threat affect minority students?
    they tend to lose hope in school or society holding promise for their futures and fall victim to the stereotypes that are held against them: lazy and unintelligent (blacks), illogical and intellectually ill in math and science (women), intellectual inferiority and laziness (low SES)
  15. How does stereotype threat affect academic performance?
    reduction in memory capacity, depression and anxiety, increased stress, decreased self-control and self-regulation
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