MICU Drugs (Classification & Dose)

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  1. Albuterol Class
    Sympathomimetic/ Sympathetic agonist/ Beta Agonist
  2. Albuterol Dose
    2.5mg in 3cc Sol.
  3. Epinephrine (1:10,000) Dose
    1mg IVP Q 3-5mins in cardiac arrest.
  4. Epinephrine (1:1,000) Dose
    0.3-0.5mg IM/SQ
  5. Epinephrine Class
  6. Brethine Class
    Sympathomimetic/ Beta Agonist
  7. Brethine Dose
    0.25mg SQ
  8. Atrovent Dose
    0.5mg in 2.5cc sol. (only nebulized with albuterol)
  9. Atrovent Class
    Anticholiergic/ Parasympathetic Inhibitor
  10. Solu-Medrol Class
  11. Solu-Medrol Dose
    125mg IVP
  12. Magnesium Sulfate Class
    Antiarrhythmic/ Anticonvulsant/ Mineral Electrolyte
  13. Magnesium Sulfate Dose
    Torsades- 1-2g IVP

    Respiratory- 2g over 2-5 mins

    Eclamptic Seizures- 4-6g over 30 mins
  14. Atropione Class
    Anticholinergic/ Parasympathetic Inhibitor
  15. Atropine Dose
    Bradycardia- 0.5mg Q 3-5 mins Max: 3mg

    Organophosphate- 2-5mg IVP
  16. Lopressor Class
    Beta Blocker
  17. Lopressor Dose
    5mg slow IVP Q 5 mins MAX- 15mg
  18. Aspirin Class
    Platelet aggregation inhibitor
  19. Aspirin Dose
    81mg tabs x4 = 324mg PO
  20. Diltiazem Dose
    0.25mg/kg IVP initial 0.35mg/kg IVP second
  21. Diltiazem Class
    Calcium Channel Blocker
  22. Nitro Class
  23. Nitro Dose
    0.4mg SL Spray/Tab, 0.5-2 inches paste

    3 sprays under stander orders if pressure permits.
  24. Dopamine Class
    Sympathomimetic/ Sympathetic Agonist
  25. Dopamine Dose
    400mg/ 250cc sol drip over 2-20mcg/kg/min
  26. Lasix Dose
    20mg IVP standing orders
  27. Lasix Class
    Loop Diuretic
  28. Lidocaine Class
    Class IIB Antiarrhythmic
  29. Lidocaine Dose
    1-1.5mg/kg IVB, 2g in 500 NSS at 1-4mg/min mini drip
  30. Adenosine Class
    Class V Antiarrhythmic
  31. Adenosine Dose
    6mg initial, 12mg second, 12mg third max
  32. Amiodarone Class
    Class III Antiarrhythmic
  33. Amiodarone Dose
    300mg IVP initial in CPR (V-Tach/ V-Fib), 150 IVP second CPR

    Ventricular Dysrhythmias- 150mg over 10 mins
  34. Morphine Dose
    0.1mg/kg (2-10mg)
  35. Morphine Class
    Narcotic/ Opiate
  36. Fentanyl Dose
    1mcg/kg (50-100mcg IVP)
  37. Fentanyl Class
    Narcotic/ Opiate
  38. Etomidate Dose
  39. Etomidate Class
    Non-Barbiturate, Non-Benzodiazepine Sedative
  40. Ketamine Dose
    1-2mg/kg IV 4mg/kg IM
  41. Ketamine Class
    Dissociative Anesthetic
  42. Ativan Dose
    2mg IVP/ IM standing orders for seizures
  43. Ativan Class
  44. Versed Dose
    5mg IVP/ IM standing orders for seizures
  45. Versed Class
  46. Succinylcholine Class
    Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker
  47. Succinylcholine Dose
  48. Veccuronium Class
    Non-Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker
  49. Veccuronium Dose
    0.1mg/kg IVP
  50. Rocuronium Class
    Non-Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker
  51. Rocuronium Dose
  52. Naloxone Class
    Opiate Antagonist
  53. Naloxone Dose
    0.4-2.0mg IVP
  54. Sodium BiCarb Class
    Alkalizing Buffer agent
  55. Sodium BiCarb Dose
    1mEq/kg IV
  56. Diphenhydramine Class
  57. Diphenhydramine Dose
    25-50mg IVP
  58. Zofran Class
    Serotonin Antagonist
  59. Zofran Dose
    4-8mg IVP
  60. Romazicon Class
    Benzodiazepine Antagonist
  61. Romazicon Dose
    0.2mg IVP over 30 seconds
  62. Thiamine Class
  63. Thiamine Dose
    100mg IVP
  64. Glucagon Class
  65. Glucagon Dose
    1mg IM
  66. Dextrose 25 Class
  67. Labetalol Dose
    20mg IVP
  68. Labetalol Class
    Beta Blocker
  69. Tridil Dose
    50mg in 250cc D5W drip at 0.2-1.5mcg/kg/min
  70. Tridil Class
    Nitrate Drip
  71. Dextrose 25 Dose
    0.5-1g/kg IV
  72. Epi Drip Dose
    2-4mcg/min IV
  73. Calcium Chloride Class
  74. Calcium Chloride Dose
    2-4mg/kg - Prophylaxis

    8-16mg/kg - OD
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