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  1. when fungi are transferred directly into traumatieed skin, that can invade what
    subcutaneous mycoses
  2. Most species in this group are greatly inhibited
    by higher temperatures of the blood and viscera and disases are progressive
    subcutaneous mycoses
  3. what causes sporotrichosis
    sporothrix sxhenckii
  4. what is another name for sporotrichosis
    rose gardener's disease
  5. what is a very commone saprobic fungus that decomposes plant matter in soil
  6. sporothrix schenckii infects what parts of the body
    appendages and lungs
  7. what has lymphocutaneous variety occurs when contaminated plant matter penetrates the skin and the pathogen form a nodule, then spreads
    to nearby lymph nodes
    sporothrix schenckii
  8. what are infections directly to the skin surface
    cutaneous mycoses
  9. what are infections strictly confined to keratinized spidermis (skin, hair, nails)
    dermatophytoses - ringworm and tinea
  10. tinea capitis
    ring worm of scalp
  11. affects scalp and hair-bearing regions of head; hair may be lost
    tinea capitis
  12. tinea barbae
    ringworm of beard
  13. affects the chin and beard of adult males; contracted mainly from animals
    tinae baebae
  14. tinea corporis
    ringworm of body
  15. occurs as inflamed, red ring lesions anywhere on smooth skin
    tinea corporis
  16. tinea cruris
    ringworm of groin
  17. "jock itch" affects groin and scrotal regions
    tinea cruris
  18. tinea pedis and tinea manuum
    ringworm of foot and hand
  19. is spread by exposure to public surfaces, occurs between digits on soles
    tinea pedis and tinea manuum
  20. tinea unguium
    ringworm of nails
  21. is a persistent colonization of the nails, distorts nail bed
    tinea unguium
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