Science is a Verb (Unit 1)

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  1. Analysis
    The step in the scientific method where data is used to solve a problem.
  2. Coefficient
    The number in front of a formula.
  3. Control
    The conditions which remain constant during the experiment
  4. Conversion Factor
    A number or ratio (in fraction form) that is used to convert from one unittype to another. The given units cancel out, leaving the desired targetunits.
  5. Direct Relationship
    A relationship where the increase of the independent variable results in the increase of the dependent variable.
  6. Experiment
    An activity designed to test the specifics of the hypothesis.
  7. Exponent
    A number that expresses a “power”, is written as a superscript.
  8. Extrapolation
    Extending the graph beyond the data points to predict values beyond that which was plotted to get desired information.
  9. Given
    Information which is provided to you in the form of a number and a unit.
  10. Hypothesis
    An “if-then-because” statement used to design an experiment to test an idea.
  11. Independent Variable
    The variable on the X-axis that the experimenter has control over.
  12. Indirect Relationship
    A relationship where the increase of the independent variable results in the decrease of the dependent variable, or vice versa.
  13. Interpolation
    Reading between plotted data points on a graph to get desired information.
  14. Line Of Best Fit
    Line Of Best Fit A straight line that best represents the slope of the data being analyzed. Can be approximated by hand, or done with linear regression methods.
  15. Precision
    The place to which a measurement was made.
  16. Problem
    A specific issue that can be resolved through application of the scientific method.
  17. Scientific Method
    A series of logical processes designed to solve problems.
  18. Significant Figures
    The number of digits actually recorded by a measuring device during a measurement.
  19. Target
    The desired result of a mathematical problem, that which you are solving for.
  20. Unit
    A symbol which identifies the type of measurement that has been made. This needs to be placed after every measured number and every calculated answer.
  21. Variable
    The value that changes during the experiment]
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