The Carbon Cycle

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  1. What are complex organic molecules broken down by?
    Saprobiotic microbes

    • These include:
    • Funghi
    • Bacteria
  2. How do saprobiotic microbes absorb nutrients from a dead organism?
    • Enzymes are secreted
    • These enzymes break down complex molecules into more simple ones such as monosaccharides via hydrolysis 
    • The molecules are taken in through active transport
  3. How is the carbon returned to the atmosphere?
    The microbes respire, releasing carbon dioxide
  4. Give one reason for short term fluctuations in carbon dioxide concentrations within the atmosphere
    Varying rates of respiration: levels are higher at night as plants cannot photosynthesise without sunlight
  5. Give two reasons for long term change in carbon dioxide concentrations within the atmosphere
    • Deforestation: this reduces the amount of carbon dioxide used by trees for photosynthesis
    • Increased combustion of fossil fuels
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