Vocabulary - August

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  1. Carefully 
    using care, thinking about what you are doing
  2. Different
    unlike, not the same
  3. Excited
    thrilled, happy about something
  4. Groan
    to make a deep, unhappy sound
  5. Tomorrow
    the day after today
  6. Whisper
    to speak very softly
  7. Character
    a person in a book, movie, or play
  8. Setting
    where a story takes place
  9. Main Idea
    the big idea of a story, what the story is mostly about
  10. Realistic Fiction
    a made up story that could happen in real life
  11. Share
    to give parts of what one person has to others
  12. Wonderful
    very good, amazing
  13. Company
    a friend or friends; guests
  14. Delighted
    very pleased
  15. Thinning
    making or becoming thin
  16. Enjoyed
    got joy or pleasure from; was happy with
  17. Plot
    all of the events in a story
  18. Compare
    how two things are the same
  19. Contrast
    how two things are different
  20. Fiction
    a story with made-up characters and events
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