Chapter 6

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  1. bait-and-switch technique
    • procedure of first offering an extremely
    • favorable deal and then making additional demands after the other person
    • has committed to the deal
  2. complience
    acting in accordance with the wishes, suggestions, or direct requests of other people
  3. conformity
    maintaining or changing one's behavior to match the behavior or expectations of others
  4. descriptive norm
    a norm that defines what is commonly done in a situation
  5. disrupt-then-reframe technique
    • a tactic that operates to increase compliance
    • by disrupting one's initial, resistance-laden view of a request and
    • quickly reframing the request in more favorable terms
  6. door-in-the-face technique
    • method of eliciting compliance by first
    • making an outrageous request and then replying to the refusal with a
    • more reasonable request
  7. expert power
    • results from experience or education. Those
    • individuals with more knowledge tend to have more power in situations
    • where that knowledge is important. For instance, the physician will have
    • more power in a medical emergency than the plumber.
  8. foot-in-the-door technique
    method of eliciting compliance by first making a modest request and then following it with a larger request
  9. injunctive norm
    what is morally accepted (enforced from social sanctions)
  10. labeling technique
    assigning a label to an individual and then requesting a favor that is consistent with that label
  11. low-ball technique
    • a strategy in which someone makes a very
    • attractive initial offer to get a person to commit to an action and then
    • make the terms less favorable
  12. norm of reciprocity
    the norm that we repay others with the form of behavior they have given us
  13. obedience
    behaving in accordance with the rules and commands of those in authority
  14. participant observations
    a research approach in which the researcher infiltrates the setting to be studied and observes its workings from within
  15. personal commitment
    anything that connects an individual's identity more closely to a position or course of action
  16. reactance theory
    • Brehm's theory that we react against threats
    • to our freedoms by reasserting those freedoms, often by doing the
    • opposite of what we are being pressured to do
  17. social influence
    a change in overt behavior caused by real or imagined pressure from others
  18. social validation
    an interpersonal way to locate and validate the correct choice
  19. that's-not-all technique
    method of eliciting compliance whereby someone makes an offer and then improves the offer before anyone has a chance to reply
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