Psy 201 Final

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  1. Abu Ghraib
    Prisoners being mistreated .  Chains, leashes
  2. Adipose tissue
    Fat tissue
  3. Altruism and Prosocial behavior
    Helping one with no personal benefits
  4. Anorexia Nervosa
    Seeing oneself as fat.  Doesn't eat.
  5. Antipsychotic medications (neurpletic)
    Prescription drugs that are used to reduce psychotic symptons. treats schziophrenia
  6. Anxiety
    Tension, apprehension and worry
  7. Attachment and attachment theory
    Child's relationship with the mother
  8. Attitudes
    a learned tendency to evaluate some object, person or issue in a way
  9. Aversive conditioning
    creates an unpleasant conditional response to harmful stimulants
  10. Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
    when resting, your body's usage of energy
  11. Bipolar disorder
    manic depression
  12. Bulimia nervosa
    eating excessively, than vomiting. Binging
  13. Bystander effect
    people in a group are less likely to help someone in need
  14. Catharsis
    emotional release from talking about your problems
  15. Client-centered Therapy
    person-centered therapy by Carl Rogers
  16. Clinical psychologists
    Phd - licensed to practice and treat patients
  17. Diffusion of responsibility
    where one is less likely to take ownership when others are present.
  18. Drive and incentive
    Motivated behavior.  What drives you to do good?
  19. ECT (side effects)
    treatment for severe depression.  Relapses
  20. Emotion-focused coping
    reduce the negative emotional responses
  21. Glucose
  22. Hindsight bias
    tendency to overestimate ones ability to have forseen or predicted the outcome of an event.
  23. Horney
  24. Introversion
    who focuses their attention inward.  Shy
  25. Kitty genovese
    Murdered and no one helped her
  26. Oedipus Complex
    boy's feelings toward his mom and jealous of his dad.
  27. Panic disorder
    frequent and unexpected panic attacts
  28. person perception
    mental processes we use to judge characteristics of others
  29. personality
    person's uniqueness on thinking, feeling and behaving.
  30. personality disorders
    inflexible, maladaptive patters of thoughts, emotions, behavior and interpersonal functions
  31. phobias
    persistent and irrational fear of objects and situations
  32. posttraumatic stress disorder
    anxiety disorder extreme physical or psychological trauma
  33. problem-focused coping
    changing the fundamental causes of stress
  34. projectice tests
    test that assesses a person's ability on the basis of a sysmtematically obtained samples of behavior
  35. psychiatrists
    holds a med degree expertise is diagnosis and treatment
  36. psychoanalysis
    free association dream interpretation and analysis
  37. psychopathology
    scientific study of mental disorders
  38. psychotheraphy
    to treat emotional behavioral and interpersonal problems
  39. schziophrenia
    a psych disorder in which the ability to function is impaired by severely disturbed perceptions
  40. social norms
    the rules or expectations for appropriate behavior
  41. social psychology
    how a persons thoughts and feelings are influenced by the presence of others
  42. Stem cells
    that can divide indefinitely renew themselves and give rise to a variety of other cells.
  43. stress
    negative emotional state occurring in response to events
  44. Teratogen
    harmful agents or substances that can cause malformations or defects in the embryo
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