Global Warming

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  1. The increased concentration of which two gases in the atmosphere causes the greenhouse effect?
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Methane
  2. How is methane produced by microbes?
    As a product of anaerobic respiration
  3. Give two significant producers of methane?
    • The intestines of cattle 
    • Waterlogged rice fields
  4. Describe the changes to radiation of UV rays caused by greenhouse gases
    • The UV rays from the sun are radiated back into space from the surface of the earth
    • The greenhouse gases absorb the heat energy from these rays 
    • The energy is then re-radiated back to the Earth's surface
  5. What does the re-radiation of UV rays cause?
    Gradual warming of the Earth's surface (Global Warming)
  6. What benefits will global warming have on crops and why?
    The rates of light independent reactions will increase due to increased enzyme activity as a result of an increase in kinetic energy
  7. Why will global warming reduce productivity of crops?
    • Rates of respiration will be increased
    • More glucose will be broken down during the glycolysis stage 
    • Less glucose is converted to glycogen to be stored meaning less growth occurs
  8. Give three reasons that global warming may cause plant death
    • Temperatures denaturing enzymes
    • Increased evaporation of water
    • Rising sea levels flooding areas with salty water
  9. How may a rise in temperature benefit crops in some areas
    • A rise in temperature in an area previously too cool to support a high yield of crops due to enzyme inactivity would increase yield
    • All plants benefit from higher carbon dioxide levels
  10. How may temperate rise cause an increase in the number of insect pests?
    More insects and their larvae will survive winterMore will be present in the following year laying more eggs
  11. How may the distribution of Xerophytes change due to rising temperatures?
    Areas that become prone to drought would have increased numbers of these plant species
  12. How may the distribution of halophytes change as a result of rising temperatures?
    Areas flooded with sea water would be colonised by halophytes
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