CH 15 People Opinions Conditions

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  1. fortune teller
    el/la adivino(a)
  2. homeless person
    el/la desamparado(a)
  3. human being
    el ser humano
  4. to (not) believe that
    (no) creer que
  5. to (not) doubt that
    (no) dudar que
  6. it is doubtful that
    es dudoso que
  7. to hope that
    esperar que
  8. how great that
    Qué bueno que
  9. its too bad that
    Qué bueno que
  10. conditions
    las condiciones
  11. unless
    a menos que
  12. before
    antes de que
  13. as long as
    con tal (de) que
  14. so that; in a way that
    de manera/ modo que
  15. after
    después de que
  16. as soon as
    en cuanto
  17. until
    hasta que
  18. in order that
    para que
  19. without
    sin que
  20. as soon as
    tan pronto como

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CH 15 People Opinions Conditions
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CH 15 People Opinions Conditions
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