Ch. 18 Going Positive

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  1. What does the research suggest about "bad is stronger than good"?
    things in life that can be characterized as "bad" appear to hold greater power in human lives than the things that are "good" (the greater power of bad over good events can be witnessed in a multitude of life arenas and activities, including interpersonal interactions, outcomes in close relationships, traumas, and various learning processes) body responds heavier to bad to protect itself and responds less to good with lack of need to protect
  2. What is the case for nurturing hope in modern times?
    involves visualizations and expectations, and the emotions that flow from such thinking typically make us feel good (leads to positive emotions, even though emotions are secondary)
  3. What are the key ways the authors suggest are important in advancing the goal of positive psychology being for the many versus for the few?
    • caring for others
    • producing durable and dependable products
    • inventing new products
    • conducting basic and applied research
    • promoting safety in the workplace and elsewhere
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