Alzheimers's disease

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  1. what disease has these characteristics:progressive memory loss,impaired thinking, neuropsychiatric symptoms, inability to perform routine tasks of daily living
    Alzheimer's Disease
  2. Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's
    the degeneration of neurons early in hippocampus and then later in the cerebral cortex. Also reduced cholinergic transmission.
  3. Risk factors for Alzheimer's
    • advancing age
    • family history
    • female
    • head injury
    • low educational level
    • high levels of homocysteine
    • nicotine in cigarette smoke
  4. Symptoms of Alzheimer's (beginning)
    • memory loss
    • confusion
    • feeling disoriented
    • impaired judgement
    • personality changes
    • difficulty with self care
    • wandering, pacing, agitation, screaming, inability to recognize family members
    • inability to communicate
  5. Later symptoms of Alzheimer's
    • loss of speech
    • loss of appetite
    • loss of bladder and bowel control
    • total dependence on caregiver
  6. when do symptoms begin to show for Alzheimer's
    after 65
  7. life expectancy from symptom onset
    usually 4-8yrs
  8. How to diagnose Alzheimer's
    • age and clinical evaluation
    • can only definitively diagnose through autopsy
  9. Treatment for Alzheimer's
    no treatment
  10. drug therapy for Alzheimer's
    • goal is to treat the symptoms
    • none of them are very effective
  11. How much time can you buy by using drugs for Alzheimer's?
    6 months
  12. Types of drugs used in Alzheimer's
    neuronal receptor blocker and cholinesterase inhibitors
  13. Effect of cholinesterase inhibitors of Alzheimer's
    delays the progression of disease by preventing the breakdown of ACh
  14. Negative side effect of Tacrine
    liver damage
  15. Adverse effects of Cholinesterase inhibitors
    • GI
    • Dizziness
    • Headache
    • Bronchoconstriction
    • Liver injury
  16. How do you start cholinesterase inhibitors on a patient?
    start on a low dose so that they get used to the side effects and then gradually increase dose
  17. what type of drug is memantine?
    a NMDA receptor antagonist
  18. Adverse effects of NMDA
    • dizziness
    • headache
    • confusion
    • constipation
  19. How can NSAIDs help prevent Alzheimer's?
    NSAIDs prevents inflamation and since Alzheimer's is an inflammatory process, it can help prevent the disease
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