Day 28

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  1. aptly
    adv. appropriately, suitably, relevantly  적절히

    The region was aptly named the 'Iron Triangle' because steel rails connected the cities.
  2. attract
    v. apeal, draw, charm, allure       (마음을) 끌다
  3. beverage
    n. drink                      음료수
  4. blunt
    adj. dull, obtuse                   무딘

    All the cook could find was a blunt knife
  5. bustling
    adj. busy, active, energetic             부산한, 북적거리는

    The sidewalks and shops are bustling with people
  6. control
    v. manage, dominate, govern     지배하다
  7. controversy
    n. dispute, debate, disagreement, argument  논쟁

    Brown had been abroad during most of the controversy.
  8. dichotomy
    n. division                             양분, 이분

    Jane planned the concert to break the dichotomy of pure and popular art.
  9. disruption
    n. interruption                      중단

    Protesters caused a major disruption at the conference.
  10. enthusiasm
    n. eagerness, zeal, passion           열정
  11. episode
    n. event, occurrence, incident, happening 하나의 사건
  12. equivalent
    adj. equal, even, commensurate    동등한
  13. evoke
    v. draw, arouse, elicit, educe    일깨우다, 자아내다, 떠올려 주다

    The sudden accident has evoked social disorder.
  14. exotic
    adj. unusual, strange, weird    기묘한, 못 보던

    People can go to zoos to see rare and exotic animals on exhibition.
  15. flair
    n. talent, aptitude, knack      재능, 재주, 솜씨

    Bach developed a reputation because of his flair for composing music.
  16. flight
    n. escape, breakout, getaway      탈출
  17. formidable
    adj. dreadful, threatening, fearful    무서운, 가공할, 어마어마한

    The prospect of an outbreak of disease was so formidable that the authorities ordered victims to be quarantined.
  18. frugal
    adj. economical, thrifty               절약하는

    Patrick has been very frugal with money since losing his job.
  19. fuel
    v. encourage, stimulate          지지하다, 자극하다
  20. game
    n. wild animals                사냥감
  21. hand in hand
    phr. together        협력하여, 동반하여

    The boys should solve the problem hand in hand
  22. intermittent
    adj. sporadic, periodic, occasional   간헐적인

    Intermittent service caused Michael to change cell phone carriers.
  23. intersect
    v. cross, intercross      교차하다, 가로지르다
  24. make sense
    phr. be logical       이치에 맞다
  25. movement
    n. drive, crusade          (정치,사회적) 운동
  26. pass through
    phr. penetrate              꿰뚫다
  27. precise
    adj. accurate, exact, definite, strict 정확한
  28. publish
    v. declare, announce, proclaim     발표하다
  29. readily
    adv. easily, effortlessly, willingly, without reluctance   쉽게, 기꺼이

    Claire can't readily make a decision about her future.
  30. record
    n. document, evidence              기록
  31. relieve
    v. reduce, ease, alleviate, assuage   경감하다
  32. settle down
    phr. calm down, pacify          진정시키다
  33. shun
    v. elude, avoid, evade       피하다
  34. spectacular
    adj. splendid, impressive, sensational 멋진, 장엄한
  35. steady
    adj. stable, solid, firm, fixed        안정된
  36. store
    v. reserve, keep, save       비축하다
  37. stupid
    adj. fatuous, dull, silly       어리석은
  38. success
    n. achievement, accomplishment, triumph 성공, 달성
  39. tend
    v. look after, care for, foster       돌보다, 간호하다

    Alice asked her neighbors to tend her garden when she went away on vacation
  40. wattle
    n. stick                   가는 막대기, 욋가지

    Mr. Johnson used wattle and cedar logs to make a fence around his home.
  41. wrath
    n. anger, fury, resentment               분노

    Zeus looked back at Hera with wrath in his eyes.
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