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  1. metal bomb inside a metal bucket with water
    adiabatic bomb calorimeter
  2. parts of the adiabatic bomb calorimeter(top outside)
    • Gas Release Valve
    • Electrical COnnections
    • Gas Inlet
    • Bomb head
  3. 3 parts inside adiabatic bomb calorimeter
    • Fuse Wire
    • Electrode Terminals
    • Ignition CUp
  4. gas in bomb
    pure oxygen
  5. what is the sample pellet placed in
    ignitiona cup w/ fuse wire touching only pellet
  6. who/what eats noncommercial species whole
    Alaskan pinnipeds
  7. organization that conducted short term studies in 1984
    National Marine Mammal Laboratory
  8. where were the marine species collected from for this study
    • bering sea
    • gulf of alaska
    • north pacific ocean
  9. what does the bomb calorimetry determine
    total energy content of entire species
  10. what is used to evaluate animal energetics
    measurement of chemical energy as the heat of combustion
  11. what are the differences in chemical or gross energies are due to
    energy contents of specific chemical compounds and relative proportions
  12. what does the bomb calorimetery measure?
    amount of heat released when a sample of plant or animal tissue is completely oxidized
  13. explain sample's chemical energy content math
    • 1 gram sample ignited
    • rises temp to 4 C in 1,000 gram of water
    • chemical energy is 4kcal
  14. energy density units
  15. what has all those people in our report provided
    lists of energy values for marine species to include protein, fat, ad carbohydrate in body tissue sample.
  16. what kind of conversion factors are we using?
    standard constant
  17. limitation to data provided
    only refers to edible portions of food source
  18. NMML
    National Marine Mammal Laboratory
  19. AFSC
    Alaska Fisheries Science Center
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