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  1. Arbitration panels for international trade treaties are made up of
    three experts
  2. The PIIGS countries include all of the following
  3. In the article “In Trade Talks, It’s Countries vs.
    Companies”, companies win or settle about what percentage of international arbitration cases against foreign governments?
  4. The world’s second largest retailer, Carrefour, is a _____________ company.
  5. Generally a real variable, such as the real interest rate, is one where the effects of inflation have been factored in
  6. In China, there are
    food-safety regulations comparable to Western countries
  7. Wal-Mart said last May that it would spend 100 million Yuan over three years to increase food safety in China. That is about _____________ U.S. dollars.
    16 million
  8. Wal-Mart says that since 2012 it has slashed its number of pork suppliers in China by almost 80 percent in order to _____________.
    a and b
  9. As food exports to the United States grow,
    the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to quadruple its current staff of food inspectors in China to around _____________.
  10. The world's largest energy exporter is _____________.
  11. The annual Corruption Perception Index compiled by Transparency International ranks _____________ the most corrupt major economy in the world.
  12. The _____________ is the name of a forum for the governments of a group of the world's leading industrialized countries. In retaliation for Crimea's seizure, Russia was suspended from this group in March.
  13. The elements of the marketing mix include all of the following except:
  14. According to the article about Amazon’s Fire TV product, customers have shown little interest in giving up their cable and satellite services, but programmers such as __________ find it hugely profitable to bundle their popular and unpopular networks together so cable companies and customers have to buy them all. Success for Fire TV could make headway toward loosening that grip.
    Walt Disney
  15. In 2013, Google introduced _____________, which provides the ability to stream movies or music from the Internet or a nearby phone or computer.
  16. Amazon's feature that can predict what users may want to watch is called _______.
  17. Which of the following factors do not form part of the “Place” element of the marketing mix?
    sales promotion
  18. A 2012 study of 3,600 children’s books by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin found that just 3.3 percent were about African Americans, 2.1 percent about Asian Americans, and 1.5 percent about Latinos. First Book wants publishers to create more _____________.
    multicultural content
  19. First Book expects to start programs similar to what they are doing in the USA in ______________.
    Latin America and India
  20. Ohio voters were told to expect more than $1.42 billion annually in gambling revenue when they approved the state’s first four casinos in 2009, but the take was only $821 million, or just short of 60%, last year.
  21. How many states have casino gambling of some kind?
  22. In 2013, more than 50 percent of Alfa Romeo vehicles were sold outside Europe.
  23. Fiat is planning to shut down production of all current Alfa Romeo models.
  24. The CEO of Fiat is
    Sergio Marchionne
  25. The BRICS countries include all of the following except:
  26. In “Why US Retailers Are Still Vulnerable” we read that EMV is an acronym for ___________________________.
  27. It is estimated that ____________________ U.S. merchants will miss the deadline for upgrading their payment systems to handle chip-based cards.
    about half of
  28. The relationship between the nominal interest
    rate, inflation, and the real interest rate is described by the Fisher Equation as follows:   Real Interest Rate = Nominal Interest Rate + Inflation
  29. _________________ is/was the deadline for most U.S. merchants to upgrade their payment systems to EMV technology.
    October 2015
  30. If your nominal wage rate was $50,000 in 2012 and prices have risen by 12% between 2012 and 2013, what wage rate would you need in 2013 in order for your wages to keep pace with inflation?
  31. According to the article “Millennials Still Feel the
    Recession’s Bite” many young Americans have deleveraged so much that their debt increased 23.7 percent from 2007 to 2013.
  32. Outstanding education debt in the USA has climbed to ______________
    1.2 trillion
  33. The Reserve Bank of Australia managed to successfully stimulate their economy by cutting borrowing costs by 2.25 percentage points from late 2011 through August last year to a record-low 2.5 percent.
  34. Australia has a population of ___________ million.
    23 million
  35. The key elements of a differentiation strategy are
    all of the above
  36. According to the article “Millennials Still Feel the
    Recession’s Bite” the average value of housing on young families’ balance sheets remains about ________________ percent below its 2007 level.
  37. Etihad Airways is from which of the following countries?
    Abu Dhabi
  38. Although airlines conduct many mergers and acquisitions domestically, they seem to prefer international _______.
  39. The acronym WTO in this course usually means ______________________.
    World Trade Organization
  40. Setting the correct price for your product requires consideration of which of the following?
    all of the above
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