The subjunctive to express influence

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  1. Verbs of influence express...
    ...the wishes, preferences, suggestions, requests, and implied commands of the speaker.
  2. When the verb in the main clause expresses influences...
    ...the verb in the dependent clause is expressed in the subjunctive mood.
  3. Verbs of influences:
    • aconsejar
    • decir
    • desear
    • insistir (en)
    • mandar
    • necesitar
    • pedir (i, i)
    • permitir
    • prohibir
    • querer (ie)
    • recomendar (ie)
    • sugerir (ie, i)
  4. aconsejar
    to advise
  5. decir
    to tell
  6. desear
    to wish, to desire
  7. insister (en)
    to insist
  8. mandar
    to order
  9. necesitar
    to need
  10. pedir (i, i)
    to ask
  11. permitir
    to permit
  12. prohibir
    to prohibit
  13. querer (ie)
    to want
  14. recomendar (ie)
    to recommend
  15. sugerir (ie, i)
    to suggest
  16. The subject of the verb in the main clause tries to influence the subject of the dependent clause.
    subject + verb of influence + que + yo form
  17. Many impersonal expressions also show influence and call for the subjunctive when there is a change of subject.
    • Es bueno
    • Es importante
    • Es imposible
    • Es indispensable
    • Es mejor
    • Es necesario
    • Es preciso
    • Es urgente
  18. Es bueno
    It's good
  19. Es importante
    It's important
  20. Es imposible
    It's impossible
  21. Es indispensable
    It's crucial
  22. Es mejor
    It's better
  23. Es necesario
    It's necessary
  24. Es preciso
    It's essential
  25. Es urgente
    It's urgent
  26. When there is no change of subject between the two verbs...
    ...use the infinitive
  27. Sentences using verbs such as aconsejar, decir, pedir, recomendar, and sigerir...
    ...require an indirect object pronoun. The pronoun refers to the subject of the dependent clause.
  28. When verbs of communication such as decir, informar, and escribir...
    ...are used in the main clause and the subject of the verb is simply reporting information (telling someone something), the indicative is used in the dependent clause.
  29. If the verb in the main clause is used in the sense of a command (telling someone to do something)...
    ...the subjunctive used.
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