Individual Variation in Drug Responses

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  1. three categories of drug tolerance
    • pharmacodynamic tolerance
    • metabolic tolerance
    • tachyphylaxis
  2. Which age group is sensitive to drugs
    elderly and infants
  3. what is tolerance?
    decreased responsiveness to a drug as a result of repeated drug administration
  4. what is pharmacodynamic tolerance
    associated with long term administration of drugs such as morphine of heroin
  5. what is metabolic tolerance
    resulting from accelerated drug metabolism
  6. what is tachyphylaxis
    reduction in drug responsiveness brought on by repeated dosing over a short time
  7. what is bioavailability?
    ability of the drug to reach the systemic circulation from its site of administration
  8. causes of variable absorption
    changes in gastric pH, diarrhea, constipation, bioavailability, food in the stomach
  9. Ways the genets can influence drug responses
    it can alter drug metabolism, it can alter drug targets, gender, race,
  10. How would diet cause variability of drug effects
    low protein diets causes low protein binding of drugs and causes increased free drug
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