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    Indeterminate Axis Deviation
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    Left Axis Deviation
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    Right Axis Deviation
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  5. What is infarction?
    Death of tissue due to lack of blood flow.
  6. What is Ischemia?
    Initial reaction to loss of blood flow.  Almost immediate.  Can still depolarize, but affects repolarization.
  7. What causes depression of ST segment or inversion of T wave, or both?
  8. Myocardial Injury causes what kind of ECG?
    ST elevation.
  9. Infarction is what?  What is different about infarcted tissue.
    Death of tissue.  Does not depolarize or contract.
  10. Infarction that affects only the deeper layers of tissues is called what?
  11. Infarction that affects the full thickness of the heart is called?
  12. Which infarctions cause Q waves?  Which do not?
    Transmural usually do.  Subendocardial usually do not.
  13. What is a significant Q wave?
    Width greater that 0.04 second (one small box) or amplitude greater than 1/4th of the R wave.
  14. What signifies an old transmural infarction?
    Persistent Q wave.
  15. Which leads look at the frontal plane of the heart?
    Bipolar and augmented limb leads.  (I, II, III, avL, avR, avF.)
  16. Which leads look at the horizontal plane of the heart?
    Precordial  (v1 - v6)
  17. What is the triad of Right Ventricular MI?
    • 1)  Distended neck veins
    • 2)  Clear Lung Sounds
    • 3)  Hypotension
  18. What is hypertrophy?
    Enlargement without additional cells.  Stretching.
  19. Main causes of Right Sided Hypertrophy?
    COPD, Emphysema
  20. Causes of left sided hypertrophy?
    Long term HTN left untreated or poorly managed.
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