sedative hypnotic drugs

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  1. what do sedative hypnotic drugs do?
    • drugs the depress the CNS function
    • primarily used to treat anxiety and insomnia
  2. types of sedative drugs
    • benzodiazepnes
    • benzodiazepine like drugs
    • barbiturates
  3. what do Benzodiazepines do?
    • used to treat insomnia and anxiety
    • used to induce general anesthesia
    • used to manage seizure disorders
  4. What is benzodiazepines potential for abuse?
    LOW potential for abuse
  5. What should you not mix with benzodiazepines?
    alcohol (you can stop breathing)
  6. Pharmacologic effects on which systems of Benzodiazepines?
    • CNS
    • cardiovascular system
    • respiratory system
  7. Therapeutic uses
    • anxiety
    • insomnia
    • seizure disorders
    • muscle spasm
    • alcohol withdrawal
    • panic disorder
    • perioperative applications
  8. adverse effects to Benzodiazepines
    • too much CNS depression
    • anterograde amnesia
    • sleep driving
    • paradoxical effects
    • respiratory depression
    • abuse
  9. Can you develop dependence on Benzodiazepines?
    yes, but incidence of dependence is low
  10. Can you become tolerant to Benzodiazepines?
    yes, you can become tolerant to some effects but not others
  11. What reverses the effects of Benzodiazepines?
  12. Types of Benzodiazepine like drugs
    zolpidem, Zaleplon, Eszopiclone
  13. what is Ramelteon?
    a melatonin agonist
  14. what does ramelteon do?
    it activates melatonin receptors
  15. What is ramelteon used for?
    • approved fro chronic insomnia
    • also dramatically reduces delirium
  16. Three classifications of Barbiturates
    • ultrashort acting
    • short to intermediated acting
    • long acting
  17. Mechanism of action of Barbiturates
    binds to the GABA receptor chloride channel complex
  18. Pharmacologic effects of Barbiturates
    • CNS depression
    • Cardiovascular effects
    • Induction of hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes
  19. Types of tolerance with Barbiturates
    • develops tolerance to many of CNS effects
    • does not develop tolerance to respiratory depression
  20. therapeutic uses of barbiturates
    • seizure disorders
    • induction of anesthesia
    • insomnia
  21. adverse effects of barbiturates
    • respiratory depression
    • suicide
    • abuse
    • use in pregnancy
    • exacerbation of intermittent porphyria
    • hangover
    • paradoxical excitement
    • hyperalgesia
  22. how do you remove Barbiturates from the body?
    no way---> you have to just let the body flush it out by itself
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