Bipolar disorder

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  1. mainstays of therapy for Bipolar disorder
    lithium, valproic acid
  2. what is bipolar disorder?
    cyclic disorder where there are episodes of mania and depression that persist for months without treatment
  3. How many cycles a year for Rapid cycling BPD?
    4 cycles or more a year
  4. types of episodes seen in BPD
    • pure manic episode
    • hypomanic
    • major depressive
    • mixed episode
    • rapid cycling
  5. three categories of BPD
    • Bipolar 1
    • Bipolar 2
    • Rapid Cycling
  6. characteristics of bipolar 1
    manic or mixed episodes that are usually depressive
  7. Bipolar 2 characteristics
    hypomanic or depressive episodes (no mixing)
  8. does non drug therapy work for BPD?
    not really
  9. types of drugs used for BPD
    • mood stabilizers
    • antipsychotics
    • antidepressants
  10. types of mood stabilizing drugs
    • lithium
    • anti epileptic drugs
  11. mechanism of action of lithium
    • altered distribution of certain ions
    • altered synthesis and release of norepinephrine,serotonin and dopamine
    • mediates intracellular responses to neurotransmitters
    • shown to facilitate regeneration of damaged optic nerds
    • can increase total gray matter in regions known to atrophy in BPD
  12. adverse lithium effects
    • GI
    • thrmors
    • polyuria
    • renal toxicity
    • Goiter
    • Teratogenesis
  13. What is drug interaction of NSAIDs wit lithium?
    can change the release of Li
  14. Types of anti epileptic drugs
    • valproic acid
    • Carbamazepine
    • lamotrigine
  15. What is lamotrigine used for in BPD?
    • indicated for long term maintenance
    • can be used alone or in combination
  16. what are anti epileptic drugs used for in BPD?
    • control symptoms during manic episodes
    • used long term to stabilize mood
  17. what is the hypomania phase
    like they are on a high
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