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  1. Vindicate
    give absolution, justify, defend
  2. miser
    niggard, penny pincher
  3. Elongate
    pull, stretch
  4. hinder
    block, hamper
  5. Interference
    collision (=confusion)
  6. kindle
    animate, arouse, excite, inspire, glow, light up, fuel
  7. burst
  8. auspicious
    promising, favorable, hopeful,advantageous, prosperous, felicitous, lucky= fortunate, opportune
  9. Mar
    Harm, damage
  10. harness
    control, connect, tackle
  11. foster
    cultivate, encourage, promote
  12. Educate
  13. significant
  14. status quo
    balance of power, case, circumstance, condition
  15. intrinsic
    central, essential, fundamental, inherent
  16. hype
    advertisement, big talk, exageration
  17. stem
    stalk= (fr.) tige
  18. pragmatic
    practical, realistic, reasonable, logical
  19. sanctuary
    related to: ritual
  20. Pars pro toto
    figure of speech where the name of a portion of an object, place or concept represents the entire object, place or concept
  21. Brisk
    Lively and quick
  22. frenzy
    wild excitement or agitation/ animation
  23. Craze
    short-lived current fashion
  24. staple
    of prime importance, principal
  25. mushy
    soft and pulpy, soggy, soaked with liquid (contr. firm, gravy)
  26. oxymoron
    figure of style for paradoxial terms
  27. interwoven
    intermixed, knitted
  28. secularism
    atheism, disbelief
  29. eco-system
    environment, complex
  30. bearable
    endurable, supportable, tolerable
  31. blossom
    Open up, flourish, flower, revel in, self-realize
  32. suffocate
    stifle, smother (empecher de s'epanouir)
  33. stickle
  34. stamina
    strength, vigor, vitality, endurance, energy, fortitude
  35. devise
    arrange, build, come up with, compose, conceive, conceptualize, cook up, create, design, determine, discover, elaborate, engineer, invent, make ready, maneuver, mold, plan, prepare, produce, scheme, systematize
  36. probe
    investigation, inquiry, examination, study
  37. Catalyst
    A person or thing acting as a stimulus, enzyme
  38. Stimulate
    Motivate, incite
  39. sack
    dismiss from a job
  40. dub
    nickname, designate
  41. to mire
    to sink in a boggy area. Fig. To involve in difficulties
  42. Blame
  43. scold
  44. resentment
    indignation, offense
  45. sullen
    unsociable, silent, morose,, grouchy
  46. strife
    conflict, disagreement, touble, fight
  47. exasperate
  48. mallet
    club, hammer
  49. acquiesce
    to agree to something or to accept something, although you do not want to
  50. conscientious
    working hard and careful to do things well and dutifully
  51. embroil
  52. intrigue
    secret plot, conspiracy
  53. weigh
    ponder, balance, consider, estimate
  54. slant
  55. consort
    spouse, mate, companion, associate, friend, husband, wife, escort, partner
  56. excretion
    waste that you get rid of from your body
  57. egestion
    the process by which the body gets rid of solid waste through the anus
  58. volatile
    frivolous, frickle, capricious
  59. futile
    1- frivolous 2-vain, hopeless
  60. Conducive
    favorable, promoting, helpful, constructive, productive, useful, profitable, facilitating, advantageous, beneficial
  61. instigate
    bring on, cause, drive, encourage, engender, excite, foment, incite , tempt, urge
  62. chime
    agree, ding-dong (repeat in accord)
  63. careless
    reckless, imprudent
  64. drill
    preparation, repetition, learning by doing, exercise, practice (i.e using flashcards as learning drill)
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