Pharmacy Law

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  1. what is another name for the federal comprehensive drug abuse and prevention act of 1970?
    the controlled substance act
  2. which statements are true regarding manufacturer's labeling of controlled substances is true?
    • controlled substances must be labeled with identification symbols designating the schedule into which the drug was place
    • the symbol must be prominently located on the labeling of the commercial container
    • the symbol must be clear and large enough to provide easy identification of the medication's schedule on inspection without removal from the shelf
    • the controlled substance symbol is required for all controlled substances
  3. narcotic drugs can be classified into how many different schedules?
  4. lorazepam, phenobarbital, diazepam, and zolpidem fall into which schedule?
  5. which of the following is not a CII medication?
  6. which persons are exempt from registering individually with the DEA?
    officals of the armed services, bureau of prisons, or public health service
    none of the above
  7. which of the following should be included on a pharmacy label for a CIII-V prescription in PA?
    • date of initial filling
    • pharmacy name and address
    • pharmacy phone number
    • serial number of prescription 
    • name of patient
    • name of prescribe
    • directions of use
    • caution: federal law prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than the person for whom it was prescribed
  8. which of the following statements is true in regards to the storage of controlled substances?
    physicians must store controlled substances in a securely locked, substantially constructed cabinet
  9. who is in charge of enforcing the rules of the poison prevention packaging act?
    CPSC consumer product safety commission
  10. what meets the manufactured containers meets the poison prevention packaging act?
    80% of children less than 5 years of age cannot open the container, whereas at least 90% of adults can
  11. what is true regarding the poison prevention packaging act?
    an individual may make a blanket request that all of his/her prescriptions be packaged in non-child resistant packaging
  12. what is exempt from the poison prevention packaging act?
    KCl powdered supplements of less than 50 mEq each
  13. what information must appear on the prescription under the PA generic drug equivalent act?
    substitution permissible
  14. what must be on the line next to the words "substitution permissible" on a prescription?
    physician or authorized prescriber's signature
  15. for a brand name product to be dispensed, what information must be stated on the prescription?
    brand medically necessary
  16. which publication is commonly used to determine if a drug is generically equivalent to the drug being prescribed?
    the orange book
  17. which actions must be taken if a RPh dispenses a generically equivalent drug?
    • the pharmacist shall advise the person presenting the rx that substitution is possible
    • the pharmacist shall inform the patient that they may refuse substitution
  18. what is the definition of pharmaceutical equivalents?
    drugs which contain the same active ingredient and are identical in strength and are of the same dosage form
  19. what must be included on a pharmacy permit?
    • name of pharmacy
    • address of pharmacy
    • name of current owner
    • name of current pharmacist manager
  20. at any given time, a pharmacist may serve as the manager for how many pharmacies?
  21. what duties can pharmacy interns perform?
    • work only under the direct. immediate. personal supervision of a pharmacist
    • may accept and transcribe an oral order or telephone prescription
    • can verify, weigh, and compound ingredients under the direct, immediate, personal supervision of a pharmacist
  22. what can a pharmacy technician do?
    • carry containers of drugs in and around the pharmacy
    • count pills, tablets, and capsules and put them in a container
    • type or print, or both, on labels
    • enter patient info into a profile
  23. what equipment is maintained in a pharmacy?
    • refrigerator
    • adequate reference library
    • additional equipment and supplies consistent with the scope of practice
  24. two pharmacists work the same shift, how many linear feet of counter space is needed?
    0 linear feet
  25. which item is striclty prohibited from being in a prescription area?
    television set
  26. how long should original prescriptions be kept for?
    2 years
  27. the max amount of refills allowed for schedule III, IV, or V controlled substance?
    no refills are allowed
  28. what is the max number of refills allowed for schedule III, IV, or V controlled substances?
    no more than 5 times in the 6 month period from the date of the prescriber
  29. if a patient requests a copy of the original rx, what must be done?
    the rx must indicate it is a copy and may not be used to obtain a new rx or refill
  30. the offer to counsel
    • shall be made to each patient or caregiver when the pharmacist fills, delivers, or sends a new retail or outpatient prescription
    • can be offered by a pharmacy technician
  31. counseling can only be performed by
    the pharmacits
  32. a patient profile must be maintained for how long?
    2 years
  33. what is required from the pharmacist in terms of prospective drug review?
    the pharmacist must review the patient profile
  34. a pharmacist can sell needles to a patient without a prescription
  35. in PA, what is require before a pharmacist can administer an immunization?
    • licensed to practice pharmacy in PA
    • complete an approved course of education
    • must maintain an active CPR certification
  36. pharmacy interns can administer an immunization in PA if they are under the direct supervision of a pharmacist who is certified.
  37. pharmacy interns can count out CII medications.
  38. Dr. R wants to provide his patient multiple prescriptions of concerta (CII) so that the patient does not need to go back to the office every month. What is the most appropriate way to do this?
    • Dr. R should write 3 prescriptions.
    • He should date each of them "today."
    • On the Rx he should clearly indicate "do not fill before "x" date."
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