SCI Community Re-entry

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SCI Community Re-entry
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review of sci community re-entry lecture 4/16
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  1. Community re-entry performance areas:
    • home and community access
    • self-care
    • need for caretakers
    • leisure
    • transportation/functional mobility
    • school/work
    • wellness/aging issues/support groups
  2. Home and Community Access:
    Your Role
    • home eval and recommendations; AT availability
    • education about ADA; teach self-advocacy
    • negotiation of ramps, curbs, and stairs
    • community bathroom transfers
    • educate about special accommodations at stadiums, concert halls, etc
    • travel
  3. Things to help:
    • ramps
    • wheelchair lifts
    • stair climbers
    • kitchen - cutouts, pull out countertop, lowered countertop, pull out drawers/shelves, lazy susan, lower microwave, smaller sink depth
    • bathroom: raised toilet seat, shower chair, extendable mirror, cutout under sink, roll in shower, wider door, removable shower head
    • laundry:front load
    • closet: hang clothes at low height
  4. Self-care: Your role-
    • dressing and undressing (buying clothes)
    • toileting (dressing while sitting, access to stall, use of adaptive toileting equipment, catheterization supplies)
    • eating (utensils)
    • storage for items (backpack, fanny pack)
  5. Need for caretakers: Your role:
    • family members' resources
    • teaching manual for family
    • outside support agencies
    • how to hire personal assistants guide
    • animal-assisted care
  6. Leisure: Your Role:
    • adaptation to previous leisure interests
    • introduction to new interests (WC sports, water skiing, snow skiing)
    • transportation and financial access to leisure
    • wheelchair sports USA
  7. Transportation/functional mobility: Your role:
    • be informed
    • adapted driving: hand controls; trunk stability
    • van or sedan? = transfer; WC management
    • Full size van or not?
    • drive from chair or not? - tie downs and restraints; WC selection
  8. School/Work: Your Role:
    • assess previous student/worker roles or interests
    • perform environmental modification or activity adaptation for role resumption
    • explore new ideas/interests based on client strengths
    • know resources
    • make appropriate referrals
  9. Wellness/Aging in SCI
    • knowledge of normal aging as compounded by changes to organ function secondary to SCI
    • Special considerations:
    • -osteoporosis and arthritis
    • -kidney disease - from problems emptying the urinary tract
    • -heart disease from decreased cardiovascular fitness
    • -bowel disease from difficulty emptying bowel
    • -pressure sores - obesity and age
    • -respiratory disease - from decreased ability to move air in and out of the lung, move secretions
    • -musculoskeletal pain - from overuse - associated w/ depression and alcohol/substance abuse
  10. Wellness perspectives:
    • education linking current function to aging complications may increase participation in prevention and wellness
    • physical activity is just as critical, perhaps even more
    • social support through specific SCI support groups is important for emotional health
  11. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
    Mission Statement:
    dedicated to curing SCI by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy

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