FINAL EXAM - Vocab 05.02.14

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  1. abridge
    to make shorter
  2. adherent
    a follower, supporter
  3. altercation
    fight or angry argument
  4. cherubic
    resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a round chubby face
  5. condone
    to pardon
  6. dissent
    to disagree
  7. eminent
    famous, distinguished
  8. exorcise
    to drive out by magic
  9. fabricate
    to make, manufacture
  10. irate
  11. marauder
    a raider
  12. obesity
    excessive fatness
  13. pauper
    an extremely poor person
  14. pilfer
    to steal in small quantities
  15. rift
    a split, break, or breach
  16. semblance
    a likeness
  17. surmount
    to overcome
  18. terminate
    to bring to an end
  19. trite
    commonplace, overused, stale
  20. usurp
    to seize and hold a position by force
  21. accomplice
    a person who takes part in a  crime
  22. annihilate
    to destroy completely
  23. arbitrary
    unreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims, random
  24. brazen
    shameless, impudent
  25. catalyst
    a substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction
  26. exodus
    a large-scale departure or flight
  27. facilitate
    to make easier; to assist
  28. incorrigible
    not able to be corrected; beyond control
  29. latent
    hidden, present but not realized
  30. militant
    given to fighting
  31. morose
    having a gloomy or sullen manner
  32. opaque
    not letting light through
  33. paramount
    chief in importance
  34. prattle
    to talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way
  35. rebut
    to offer arguments or evidence that contradicts an assertion; to refute
  36. reprimand
    to scold; find fault with
  37. servitude
    slavery, forced labor
  38. slapdash
    careless and hasty
  39. stagnant
    not running or flowing; sluggish
  40. succumb
    to give way to superior force
  41. abhor
  42. bigot
    narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  43. counterfeit
    fake; false
  44. enfranchise
    give voting rights
  45. hamper
    hinder; obstruct
  46. kindle
    to start a fire
  47. noxious
    harmful; poisonous; lethal
  48. placid
    calm; peaceful
  49. remuneration
    payment for work done
  50. talisman
    lucky charm
  51. abrasive
    rough; coarse; harsh
  52. bilk
    cheat; defraud
  53. covert
    hidden; undercover
  54. engender
  55. hangar
    storage area (like garage) for a plane
  56. knotty
    complex; difficult to solve
  57. nuance
    something subtle; a final shade of meaning
  58. plagiarism
    taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
  59. renown
  60. tangent
    going off the main subject
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