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  1. What is the point called where two or more bones meet?
    A Joint.
  2. Name the functions of the skeletal system?
    Movement, Support and Protecton.
  3. Extension is defined as?
    The straightening of a joint, increasing the angle of a joint.
  4. The elbow and Knee are examples of which type of joints?
    Hinge Joint.
  5. What movement can occur at a Hinge Joint?
    Flexion and Extenson.
  6. The shoulder and hip are examples of which type of joints?
    Ball and Socket.
  7. What movement is available at a ball and socket joint?
    Flexion, Extenson, Abduction, Adduction, Rotation.
  8. Abduction is...
    Where a limb is taken away from the body, moves away from the centre line.
  9. Rotation is...
    Where the movement occurs around a joint.
  10. What is osteoporosis?
    Where too much bone is lost through their density and strength has generally been lost, resulting in a weak skeleton and bones can therefore break with more ease.
  11. What are the Effects of exercise on the skeletal system?
    • - Increase in Bone Density.
    • - Increase in the thickness and strength of both ligaments and tendons.
  12. What is the job of a ligament?
    To attach bone to bone.
  13. What is the job of a tendon?
    Attaches muscle to bone.
  14. What is a fracture?
    A broken or cracked bone.
  15. What are the 4 types of fractures?
    • - Closed Fracture.
    • - Compound Fracture.
    • - Simple Fracture.
    • - Stress Fracture.
  16. What is closed Fracture?
    Where the bone is broken but the skin is undamaged. The bone is brke within the skin.
  17. What is a compound fracture?
    Where the broken bone protrudes the skin (breaks through the skin). These types of fracture are more serious as there is a risk of infection and blood loss.
  18. What is a simple fracture?
    This is where the break occurs in one line, no displacement of the bone.
  19. What is a greenstick fracture?
    This is where only part of the bone is broken.
  20. What is a tennis/golfers elbow?
    This is a overuse injury to the tendons of the joints.
  21. What is a dislocation?
    This is when a bone at a joint is forced out of its normal position, usually as a result of a hard blow to the joint.
  22. What is a sprain?
    This s where the ligaments around a joint are damaged.
  23. How would you treat minor injuries to joints?
  24. What does the term RICE stand for?
    • Rest.
    • Ice.
    • Compression.
    • Elevation.
  25. Which of these injuries would be treated by using RICE?
    A. Concussion.
    B. Sprain.
    C. Fracture.
    D. Hypothermia.
    B. SPRAIN.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  26. Why is diet essential for a strong, healthy skeletal system?
    • - Calcium rich diet- helps bones to grow and increase in density.
    • - Vitamin D essential for growth.
  27. What type of injury is a twisted ankle?
  28. Give an example of how the skeletal system helps with movement?
    Where bones meet they form joints, which act as levers to move the body. e.g. where the femur meets the pelvis is form the hip joint.
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