Title 42

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  1. In 42-3-117 what are the requirements for non-residents of CO to operate a motor vehicle in the state?
    The vehicle must be properly registered, licensed and insured in their home state or place of residence
  2. With how many points in what period of time is your license suspended in CO as an adult? 42-2-127
    • 12 points in 12 consecutive months; OR
    • 18 points within 24 consecutive months
  3. With how many points in what period of time is your license suspended in CO as a minor driver 18 years of age or older? 42-2-127
    • 9 points or more within 12 consecutive months; OR
    • 12 points within any 24 consecutive months
  4. With how many points in what period of time is your license suspended in CO as a minor under the age of 18?
    5 points within 12 months or more than 6 months prior to the age of 18 years
  5. In 42-2-125 what offenses require a mandatory revocation of your license upon conviction?
    • Vehicular homicide
    • Vehicular assault
    • Criminally negligent homicide while driving a MV
    • DUI or DUID
  6. How long do you have to notify the DMV of an address change and in what ways can you notify the DMV? 42-2-119
    • Notify the DMV in writing or electronic format
    • Within 30 days
  7. How long after a name change do you have to notify the DMV, and in what ways can you notify the DMV? 42-2-119
    • In person (with appropriate documentation)
    • Within 30 days
  8. What document is required for a minor under 18 to receive a minor license or instruction permit? 42-2-108
    An affadavit of liability signed and verified by the parent, step parent, grandparent with power of attorney or guardian or spouse if 18 years or older
  9. Fora  driver over 16 but under 18 years old, who must be present in the car in order for them to legally drive, and what document must they possess? 42-2-106
    • Must possess a validly issued permit
    • And be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, guardian, etc
  10. What is the duty to report an accident in 42-4-1606?
    Any driver involved in an accident resulting in injury, SBI, death or damage to property shall immediately notify local LE and remain at the scene until any investigation is complete.
  11. What is covered under 42-4-1606 - Duty to give Notice, Information and Aid?
    • Any driver involved in an accident resulting in injury, SBI or death shall give their name, address and registration number of the vehicle
    • And where practical shall render assistance to anyone injured
    • And shall immediately report such accident to the nearest police authority
  12. What is the requirement on a driver in 42-4-1601 Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury?
    In an accident involving bodily injury or death, the driver shall immediately stop and remain as close to the scene as possible, or return to the scene.
  13. If a driver has been given a visual or audible signal to stop, and then willfully increases speed, extinguishes lights or willfully attempts in any other manner to elude a police officer, he is guilty of what?
    Eluding 42-4-1413
  14. What is the grace period for renewal of an adult driver's license after its expiration? 42-4-104
    There is no grace period
  15. What are the requirements for presenting your driver's license upon command by a peace officer? 42-2-115
    • Must have license in immediate possession
    • Shall remove license from billfold or another container and hand the same to any peace officer who has requested it.
    • The penalty, class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense (it is arrestable).
  16. What is the grace period for notification of a change of address or name? 42-2-119
    30 days
  17. What offenses have mandatory license revocations? 42-2-125
    • a) (a) vehicular assault /or homicide / or criminal negligent homicide with a motor vehicle
    • b) (b) DUI, DUD, or habitual user of controlled substance
    • c) (c) convicted of any felony offense in commission of which motor vehicle was used
    • d) (d) failure to stop and render aid as required
    • e) (e) convicted of perjury making or giving false statement relating to ownership of vehicle
    • f) (f) three times convicted of reckless driving in period of two years
    • g) (g) twice convicted of any combination of DUI, DUD, DUI per se DWAI or habitual
    • h) (h) been determined to be mentally incompetent i
    • ) (j) been required to file and maintain proof of financial responsibility
    • j) (k) been found to have knowingly and willfully left the scene of an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle driven by a person
  18. How many points for suspension of a minor driver (within 12 and 24 months)? 42-2-127
    • 9 within 12 months
    • 12 within 24 months
  19. How many points for suspension of an adult license (within 12 and 24 months) 42-2-127
    • 12 within 12 months
    • 18 within 24 months
  20. Other than points, what offenses will cause a suspension of a driver's license? 42-2-127
    • Violation of child support order 42-2-127.5
    • Providing alcohol to an underage person 42-2-127.6
    • Uninsured motorists 42-2-127.7
  21. To whom is a suspended license surrendered? 42-2-133
  22. If a foreign resident of CO has their CO license suspended, but possesses a DL from another country, can they drive using the foreign license? 42-2-134
    No, if the CO license is suspended they may not drive under a DL from any other jurisdiction
  23. What is the grace period for registration of a vehicle? 42-3-103
    60 days
  24. What three items are on a vehicle registration card? 42-3-113
    • Date of issue
    • Registration # assigned to owner & vehicle
    • That motor vehicle insurance is compulsory in CO
  25. What is the grace period for expiration of license plates? 42-3-114
    30 days after the expiration date
  26. What is the grace period for expiration of temporary license plates? 42-3-114
    None. They expire the day after the 60 day registration period
  27. What is the grace period for registration of license plates upon transfer of title between owners? 42-3-115
    No grace period
  28. What are exceptions to a law enforcement vehicle following traffic laws? 42-4-108 / 42-4-213
    • When using emergency equipment, either audible or visible signals
    • Responding to an emergency call
    • In pursuit of a suspected law violator
    • Responding to an alarm
  29. What are non-emergency traffic law exceptions granted to law enforcement vehicles? 42-4-213
    • May illegally park or stand
    • May proceed past stop signs or red lights only after slowing down as necessary for safe conditions
    • Exceed the speed limit provided it does not endanger life or property
    • May disregard laws governing direction or movement or turns
  30. Between sunset and sunrise, what is the minimum distance that the vehicle must be visible to not require front and rear lamps lit? 42-4-210
    1,000 feet
  31. What is the minimum audible distance of a siren on an emergency vehicle (under normal conditions?) 42-4-213
    500 feet
  32. All vehicles must be equipped with red or amber stop lamps. What is the minimum visible distance of those lamps in normal sunlight? 42-4-215
    100 feet
  33. Is there a limit to how bright a signal light or stop lamp can be? 42-4-215
    Yes, they cannot emit a "glaring or dazzling light." I couldn't think of a good way to ask that question, but I could see it showing up somewhere.
  34. If a vehicle is equipped with warning (flashers) lights, what colors may they be and what is the minimum visible distance of the lights under normal conditions at night? 42-4-215
    • Red or amber
    • 500 feet minimum distance
  35. For wide vehicles, what is the width that requires additional lighting, how many front and rear lights are required, and what colors must those lights be? 42-4-215
    • at least 80 inches wide
    • 3 front and 3 back lights required
    • front lights amber, rear lights red
  36. For high beams and low beams, what is the minimum distance that they must illuminate? 42-4-216
    • Low beams, 100 feet
    • High beams, 350 feet
  37. At what distances must high beams be switched off for oncoming traffic and for following traffic? 42-4-217
    • Oncoming: 500 feet
    • Following: 200 feet
  38. Under normal conditions, at what minimum distance should a horn be audible? 42-4-224
    200 feet
  39. Rear view mirrors should give the driver a clear and unobstructed view for a minimum distance of at least ______? 42-4-226
    200 feet
  40. What is the minimum % of light transmittance for a front windshield? 42-4-227
    Minimum of 27%
  41. Are motorcycle riders required to wear helmets or any safety equipment? 42-4-232
    No helmet, eye protection goggles or eyeglasses are required.
  42. What is required for any motorcycle passenger (other than those riding in side cars)? 42-4-232
  43. What are the age and weight requirements for child safety restraint systems? 42-4-236
    • Under 1 year of age & under 20 lb: must be in  rear facing child restraint system
    • At least 1 but less than 4 years old, at least 20 but less than 40 lb: rear or forward-facing system
    • Any child under the age of 8 must be restrained in a child safety restraint system
    • Any child at least 8 years old but less than 16 years old must wear a seatbelt
  44. What types of vehicles are required to stop at railroad crossings? 42-4-707
    • Hired vehicles carrying more than 6 passengers
    • School buses carrying children
    • Vehicles carrying hazardous materials
  45. You must give signal of intention to turn at least ____ feet in advance in urban areas and ____ feet on highways. 42-4-903
    • 100 feet in urban areas
    • 200 feet on highways
  46. What are the statutory speed limits for the following?
    (a) ____ miles per hour on narrow, winding mountain highways or on blind curves;
    (b) ____ miles per hour in any business district, as defined in section 42-1-102(11);
    (c) ____ miles per hour in any residence district, as defined in section 42-1-102(80);
    (d) ____ miles per hour on open mountain highways;
    (e) ____ miles per hour for all single rear axle vehicles in the business of transporting trash that exceed twenty thousand pounds, where higher speeds are posted, when said vehicle is loaded as an exemptedvehicle pursuant to section 42-4-507(3);
    (f) ____ miles per hour on other open highways which are not on the interstate system, as defined in section 43-2-101(2), C.R.S., and are not surfaced, four-lane freeways or expressways;
    (g) ____ miles per hour on surfaced, four-lane highways which are on the interstate system, as defined in section 43-2-101(2), C.R.S., or are freeways or expressways;
    • a - 20 mph
    • b - 25 mph
    • c - 30 mph
    • d - 40 mph
    • e - 45 mph
    • f - 55 mph
    • g - 65 mph
  47. A speeding violation of 1-24 mph over the speed limit is a _____.
    A speeding violation of 25+ mph over the limit or a violation in excess of the 75mph posted speed limit is a _____. 
    • Class A traffic infraction
    • Class 2 misdemeanor
  48. When parking on a two lane roadway, the driver must park his car to that the wheels are ____ to the right hand curb and within ____ inches of the right hand curb. 41-4-1205
    • parallel
    • 12 inches
  49. A person who drives a motor vehicle, bicycle, electrical assisted bicycle or low powered scooter in such a manner as to display a wanton or willful disregard for safety of persons or property is guilty of? 42-4-1401
    Reckless driving
  50. A person who drives a motor vehicle, bicycle, electric assisted bicycle, or low powered scooter in a careless and imprudent manner, without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic and use of streets and highways and all other attendant circumstances, is guilty of? 42-4-1402
    Careless driving
  51. Any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than ____ feet. 42-4-1403
    500 feet
  52. Motorcycles are entitled to a full lane of traffic. Motorcycles shall not operate more than ___ abreast in any lane. 42-4-1503
  53. If involved in an accident causing injury to any person or person's property, the responsible party must give what information to the victim?
    42-4-1603 (4 things)
    • Driver's name
    • Driver's address
    • Registration number of vehicle
    • Driver's license upon request
  54. Other than a motorcycle or a street rod, vehicles in CO are required to have ___ license plates attached, one in ___ and one in ___. 42-3-202
    • Two
    • Front
    • Back
  55. Motorcycles, trailers, semi trailers or special mobile machinery are required to have ___ license plate attached to the ___. 42-3-202
    • One
    • Back
  56. On license plates, the month sticker is required to be placed in the ____ corner, the year sticker is required to be placed in the ____ corner. 42-3-202
    • Month: Lower left
    • Year: Lower right
  57. With how many points in what period of time is your license suspended as a minor driver under the age of 18? 42-2-127
    • 5 points in 12 consecutive months
    • 6 points prior to reaching the age of 18
  58. What is the definition of a "minor driver" according to 42-1-102(53)?
    the license issued to a person who is at least sixteen years of age but who has not yet attained the age of twenty-one years.
  59. According to 42-2-105.5 (4), what is the maximum number of passengers in the the front and the back seat for minor drivers under the age of 18?
    No more than one passenger in the front of the vehicle, and the number of passengers in the back seat shall not exceed the number of seat belts.
  60. There are restrictions on number and age of passengers in cars with teenage drivers for the first 6 months that they have their license, and for the second 6 months. What are they?
    For the first six months, only passengers 21 and over. For the second six months only one passenger under 21 years old.
  61. What is the definition of a "highway" in 42-1-102(43)?
    the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained whenany part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel or the entire width of every way declared to be a public highway by any law of this state.
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