Lap Practical 38/42

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  1. Oral Cavity:
    • (mouth) Food enters
    •         -gums, teeth, tounge, inside
  2. Pharynx
    • Common passage way for food
    •         Nasopharynx, Oropharynx, Laryngopharnx
  3. Esophogus
    Conducts food to the stomach
  4. Stomach
    Mechanical and chemical digestion
  5. Small Intestine
    • Absorb nutrients and minerals
    •      -Duodenim, Jejunim, Ileum Ileoceal valve
  6. Large Intestine
    Absorb remaining water & Transmit waste out
  7. Liver
    • Bile Production
    •     -Bile emulsifies fat
  8. Gallbladder
    Stores bile until needed
  9. Pancreas
    Producing hormones insulin & Gulcagon
  10. Testies
    Produces sperm and sex hormones
  11. Scrotum
    arround the testies
  12. epidiyms
    site for immature sperm to enter and mature
  13. ducts defferens
    Duct off epididyms/ covers top
  14. Ampulla
    end of DD and empites into the EJ
  15. Ejaculatory duct
    Shoots sperm through -Prostatic urethra -Inermediate part of urethra- spongy urethra
  16. Seminal Gland
    70% of seminal fluid/ Alkaline secretion: contain fructose nourishes the sperm
  17. Prostate
    • Secretes milky fluid
    • -plays part in sperm activation
  18. Bulbo-Urethra
    • Produces thick alkaline mucus
    • -lubercates tip of penis
  19. Glands Penis
    covers the penis
  20. prepuce
  21. Corpra Cabernosa/ Corpus Spongiosim
    Erectile tissue
  22. Vagina
    copulatory organ, birth canal, passage for menstral cycle
  23. Uterus
    • Implantation
    •  -Cervix
    •      -The narrow end (opening)
  24. Uterine Tube
    Guides eggs to the uterus
  25. Fimbriae
    Collects The Egg from the ovary
  26. Lobules
    Contain alveoli that produce milk
  27. Lactiferous ducts
    Passes milk to the LS
  28. Lactiferous Sinus
    oppens the nipple
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