RTF6002 Defense Readiness Reporting

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  1. What is SORTS?
    Status of Readiness Reporting
  2. Where is the DOC statement located?
    It is centrally located in DRRS
  3. Describe the Document Operations Capability Statement?
    The DOC statement is the units single reference to full mission set

    It has six areas

    Focuses on response time
  4. Describe SORTS?
    The core document is the DOC statement

    Maintenance units reports status of aircraft
  5. Name the 6 areas of the DOC Statement
    • Unit Identification
    • Mission Identification
    • Measured Resource Areas
    • Amplifying Notes
    • Gaining Command List
    • Coordination Review
  6. What is the focus of the SORTS Assessment?
    What you expect to be ready by the Response time

    Measures Status of Resources

    End Product is overall Score
  7. What are the measure areas of the MRA?
    • P - Personnel
    • S - Supplies and Equipment
    • R - Equipment Condition
    • T - Training
  8. Name the MRA overall C LEVEL categories
    • C - 1 is the best
    • C - 2
    • C - 3
    • C - 4 is the worst
  9. Who assigns the overall C-Level?
    Assigned y the Unit Commander
  10. Define the characteristics of the C - Level scoring
    Commander can make the overall grade worse that original score

    Commander must provide reason if the grade is not C-1
  11. How often is SORTS report accomplished?
  12. Describe the AEF Reporting Tool
    • The purpose of ART is to capture UTC Level Data
    • The core document is the MISCAP

    Assessment is based on right now
  13. How is ART rated
    Stop Light Tool

    Green is Good

    RED or YELLOW you must enter remarks
  14. How often is ART reported
  15. Describe the Defense Reporting Readiness Tool
    DRRS lives inside of SORTS

    Has been in development for 14 years
  16. What does SORTS measure and What does DRRS Measure
    SORTS measure resources

    DRRS measures capability
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