RTF3006 Munitions Organization Structure

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  1. What are the four authorized Munitions Organization Structure
    • Munitions Flight
    • Maintenance Squadron
    • Equipment Maintenance Squadron
    • Munitions Squadron
  2. Describe Munitions Supervision
    • Flight Commander
    • Flight Chief
    • Section supervisor
    • NCOIC
  3. Where is AMMO specific responsibilities located?
    AFI 21 - 201
  4. What is AFI 21 - 101
    AMMO General Responsibilities
  5. Responsibilities of the Munitions Accountability System Officer (MASO)
    Oversees the management of Wing's Munitions Stockpile

    Solely responsible for 100% stockpile accountability
  6. What are the requirements to be a MASO?
    Appointed by the Wing CC

    Must be a 21M , 21A, 2W0 SNCO or civilian equivalent

    Must have 18 months munitions experience or 6 months munitions experience and munitions accountability course
  7. Who plans, coordinates, directs, and controls all munitions flight activities?
    Munitions Control
  8. What is the function of the Combat Plans mobility and Training Section?
    • Administer Combat Plans is support of OPLANS
    • Maintains the Munitions Equipment Plan
    • Develop Training Schedules
  9. What is the function of Munitions Plans and Scheduling Section?
    • Plan and Schedule Munitions Maintenance
    • Plan and Schedule Munitions Equipment Maintenance
    • Manages TCTO System
  10. What are the areas of the Munitions Material Section?
    • Munitions Storage
    • Munitions Inspection
    • Munitions Operations
  11. What is the function of Munitions Inspection?
    Ensure inspection requirements are complied with

    Inspector appointed by the Flight chief
  12. What is the function of Munitions Storage?
    • Maintains storage and infrastructure
    • Maintains master storage plan
    • Maintains warehouse munitions stock
  13. What is the function of Munitions Operation?
    Implements Stockpile Management Control

    Maintains and validates accountable records
  14. What is the function of Line Delivery?
    Notify Munitions Control of trailer movement and trailer location

    Manages munitions holding area

    Work directly with weapons expiditers
  15. What is the function of Support Equipment and maintenance
    Trailer Maintenance

    Corrosion Control

    Ammunition Load System
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