Ch. 14a Brain Stem

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  1. Are the functions of the brainstem voluntary or involuntary?
  2. What are the three major parts of the brainstem?
    Medulla, pons, and midbrain Image Upload
  3. What is the medulla feature that is made of motor tracts? What side is it on?
    Pyramids of medulla (80% of motor tracts decussate in medulla). Ventral sideImage Upload
  4. What are some functions of the medulla?
    X: regulates heart rate and contraction

    XII&IX: swallowing, sneezing
  5. What cranial nerve nucei does the medulla contain?
  6. Pons function
    Cooperates with medullary respiratory centers to control repiratory rate and depth
  7. Midbrain: What is the function of the corpora quadrigemina?
    Superior colliculi: reflex in response to visual stimuli Inferior colliculi: reflex in response to auditory stimuli
  8. The midbrain contains what part of the CSF flow?
    The cerebral aqueduct
  9. Midbrain: What is the composition of the cerebral peduncles?
    Motor and sensory tracts that connect the upper brain with the lower brain.
  10. Midbrain: What is the function of the substantia nigra?
    Secretes dopamine to basal ganglia to control muscle tone (smoothness of movement)
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