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  1. convention
    the standard way of doing things
  2. patronage/patron
    a person who gives money and support to an artist or organization
  3. neoclassical
    western art that has been influenced by the classical cultures of ancient greek and rome
  4. hierarchy
    classification of things according to relative importance
  5. louis xiv
    known as Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (le Roi-Soleil), was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1643 until his death.[1] His reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest of any monarch of a major country in European history.[

    big patron of the arts, he was an absolute monarch
  6. grand tour
    cultural tour of europe formerly undertaken by young men of the upper class as a prt of their education
  7. apprentice
    someone learning a trade from a master craftsmen
  8. guild
    associations of artests and merchants sset up to control the price of a craft in a specific area
  9. rennaissance
    a rebirth that happened in europe during rthe 14-16th centuries
  10. impressionsim
    art style that is characterized by expressive brushstrokes, open compositions, and an emphasis on light and color
  11. salon des refuses
    private exhibition of artwork that had been refused by the official paris salon
  12. avant-garde
    art and artists considered to be new and innovative or experimental
  13. modernism
    art movmenet that consists of the rejection of past conventions
  14. entarte kunst
    degenerate art an exhibition led by the nazi's designed to make modern art appear dangerous and destructive to culture
  15. abstract expressionaism
    art movement characterized by a lack of figuration an emphasis on the psyche of the artist
  16. graphic design
    art of communication, stylizing and problem solving through the use of type and image
  17. ethnocentrism
    the belief that your own cultural group is best
  18. primitivism
    art that is influenced by art of primitive cultures
  19. culture
    a perticular group of peoples way of live (traditions and beliefs of a specific group at a specific time)
  20. tensile strength
    ability of a material to span horizontal distance without support from underneath
  21. lamassu
    is an Assyrian protective deity, often depicted with a bull or lion's body, eagle's wings, and human's head
  22. collumn
    upright piller
  23. hypostile
    interior space filled with rows of collums that serve to support the roof
  24. doric order
    • shaft is smooth or fluted
    • no base
    • capital is a rounded stone disk supporting a plain rectangular slab
  25. ionic order
    • shaft is fluted and rests on a base
    • capital is carved into a scroll
  26. corinthian order
    • shaft is fluted and rests on an elaborate base
    • capital is carved elaborately
  27. pediment
    triangle in the roof of a bolding
  28. cornice
    immediately under the pediment
  29. frieze
    carving located between he cornice and the architrave
  30. architrave
    bottom of the entablature touches the shaft
  31. entablature
    cornice frieze and architrave together

    forms the transition between the shaft and pediment
  32. capital
    the top of the shaft
  33. base
    the bottom of the shaft
  34. shaft
    the collum
  35. arch
    curved structure that spans an opening
  36. dome
    convex evenly curved roof
  37. portico
    projecting porch with a roof supported by colums
  38. rotunda
    an open cylindrical interior space usually covered by a dome
  39. gothic
    style of eurpoean architecture that was popular from the mid 12th c to 16th c
  40. buttress (flying buttress)
    an external support that counteracts the toward thrust of an arch dome or wall

    flying is funning from a freestanding something to an outer wall
  41. minarets
    tower forming part of a mosque and serves as a place from which the faithful are called to prayer
  42. pendentive
    triangular section that serves as a transition between a dome and a square building
  43. green architecture
    movemnt in architecture that attempts to use only green materials
  44. americana
    focusing on american culture
  45. humanism
    is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively
  46. ta moko
    is the permanent body and face marking by Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.
  47. appropriation
    objects or images with little or no transformation applied, borrowed elements to create a new work with a new set of contextual meanings
  48. kitsch
    mass produced art that is overly sentimental and exaggerated and Tacky
  49. art fabrication
    when an artists brings in a team to help or create a work of art of the artists design
  50. ephemera
    things that are only used/enjoyed  for a short time

    think knick nack
  51. authenticity
    weather or not something is wjaht it claims to be
  52. alexandros of antioch venus de milo marble
  53. book of keels folio 292r incipit to john in prince erat verbum
  54. raphael the school of athens fresco
  55. gianlorenzo bernini king louis xiv marble
  56. pompeo batoni portrait of francis basset 1st baron de dunstanville and basset oil on canvas
  57. jacques louis david the oath of the horatii oil on canvas
  58. pablo picasso les de'moiselles davignon oil on canvis
  59. mark rothko #13 (white red on yellow) oil and acrylic on canvas

    part of the abstract expressionism / color field school
  60. saul bass film posters
  61. primivitism in 20th century art affinity of the tribal and modern museum of modern art exhibition catalog
  62. The parthenon athens greece
  63. persepolis
  64. the pantheon rome italy
  65. notre dame cathedral paris france
  66. hagia sophia
  67. greek orders parts of the fascade
  68. giacomo balla street light oil on canvas

    from the futurism movement
  69. richard serra tilted arch steel construction

    people wanted it gone, but the work was site specific.

    taxpayers payed for it through nra and not everyone liked that
  70. grant wood american gothic oil on board
  71. grant wood midnight ride of paul revere oil on board
  72. edward hopper summer evening oil on canvas
  73. norman rockwell freedom from want oil on canvas
  74. stephen shore from his series uncommon spaces
  75. the venus of lespugue ivory
  76. masaccio adam and eve banished from paridise fresco
  77. mishelangelo the creation of adam the sistine chapel
  78. edouard manet olympia oil on canvas
  79. paul gauguin te arii vahine the kings wife oil on canvas
  80. maori chief late 18th century
  81. copy of queen elizabeth I of england in her coronation robes oil on canvas
  82. ana mendierta tree of life photograph
  83. willem de kooning woman 1 oil on canvas
  84. cindy sherman untitled film still #6 photograph
  85. damien hurst the impossibility of death in the mind of someone living, tiger shark, steel, glass, 5% formaldehyde solution
  86. jeff koons michael jackson and bubbles ceramic
  87. thomas kinkade spirit of christmas oil on canvas
  88. guillermo vargas exposición no 1 mixed media
  89. maurizio catalan la nona ora mixed media

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