Ch. 14d Flow of CSF

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  1. What are the functions of CSF?
    • Buoyancy: keeps pressure off brain
    • Protection from hitting the cranium
    • Keeps the nervous tissue chemically stable
  2. What is the funciton of the basal nuclei (ganglia)?
    Inhibits movement signals from the substantia nigra of the midbrain and the cerebral cortex. Refines the movements to make them smooth. It does this by having an important role in starting, stopping, and monitoring movement intensity.
  3. What are some of the jobs of the cerebellum?
    Does not initiate movement. Controls coordinated and repetitive movement, also helps in balance and posture. Gives the cerebral cortex a plan of skeletal muscle action based on it’s understanding of the body’s current position (via proprioceptors).
  4. 1) Flow of CSF
    CSF is secreted into the lateral ventricles by choroid plexusImage Upload 1
  5. 2) Flow of CSF
    CSF flows through intervertebral foramina to the third ventricleImage Upload 2
  6. 3) Flow of CSF
    Continues down the cerebral aquaduct into the fourth ventricle. More CSF is added by choroid plexuses in ventriclesImage Upload 3
  7. 4) Flow of CSF
    Some CSF fills the spinal cord. Other escapes through median and two lateral apertures. Fills sub-arachnoid space to surround spinal cord and brain.Image Upload 4
  8. 5) Flow of CSF
    CSF is reabsored by arachnoid villi.
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