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  1. This musical, which premiered in 1944, was a celebration of NY and features several sexually liberated female characters.
    On the Town
  2. My fair lady is based on this play by George Bernard Shaw
    A) Mrs. Warren's Profession
    B) Arms and the man
    C) You never can tell
    D) My fair lady
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  3. This song is often cut from Annie Get Your Gun because it can be difficult for modern audience
    I'm an Indian too
  4. A Broadway theatre is a theatre in New York that has more than 100 seats. T/F
  5. Which Element of minstrel show became to to the big opening number of a musical?
  6. On March 8, 1954 this special was broadcast on all four television networks, showing the importance of musical theatre in American popular culture.
    Rogers and Hammerstein Cavalcade
  7. ______ is considered one of the best examples of a fully integrated musical.
  8. This revue, which features Etherl Waters singing "Suppertime" was based on a newspaper headlines and dealt with serious subject matter.
    As Thousands Cheer
  9. This director worked on Broadway steadily for 8 decades.
    George Abbott
  10. This composer.lyricist of Kiss Me Kate is known for his witty lyrics and his use of innuendo
    Cole Porter
  11. ____ is the first choreographer on Broadway
    George Balanchine
  12. The show that is widely considered the first musical is:
    The black crook
  13. What are the three points of the golden triangle of musical theatre
    A) Music, dance, orchestra
    B) Dance, choreo, lyrics
    C) Book, lyrics, libretto
    D) Music, words, action
    E) None of the above
    Music, words, action
  14. This musical features irish folklore and a racist senator who is accidentally turned black by a magic of pot of gold
    Finnian's Rainbow
  15. The two types of singing in musical theatre are
    Belting and legit
  16. The famous British light opera composer known for their witty lyrics
    Gilbert and Sullivan
  17. Musical Theatre is a distinctly English (as in from England) form. T/F
  18. Florenz Ziegfeld was the first toa revue, which changed the course of Broadway history
    Organize it around a theme
  19. George M.Cohan is known for his brash Yankee character, which is featured in this musical about an American Jockey.
    Little Johnny Jones
  20. Tony Pastor was responsible for bringing ____ uptown and making it more family friendly
  21. ____ is the only man to have a statue in Times Square.
    George M. Cohan
  22. The team responsible for music and lyrics of Show Boat is:
    Kern and Hammerstein
  23. Which of these men was not known for his ability to come in and fix a show that was not working?
    Adolph Green
  24. ____ was the first musical to win the pulitzer prize for drama.
    Of thee I sing
  25. In 1910, Florenz Ziegfeld shocked Broadway by including this African American performers in his show
    Bert Williams
  26. As depicted in Show Boat, the laws that forbid people from marrying someone of another race are called:
    Miscegenation Laws
  27. Show Boat was written in a shorter amount of time that was common for Broadway shows in 1920s. T/F
  28. This lyricist wrote Blackbirds of 1928, the all black revue that was the first Broadway show to record an entire
    Dorothy Fields
  29. Through South Pacific features this song, which deals directly with racism, the show's treatment of its Asian characters is still racist.
    You've Got to be Carefully Taught
  30. The German composer Richard Wagner came up with the term Gesamtkunstwek which means:
    Total work of art
  31. These composers are known for combining classical composition with jazz sensibilities.
    A) Lerner and Lowe
    B) Rodgers and Hart
    C) Comden and Green
    D) Rodgers and Hammerstein
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  32. Cradle will rock was a part of this govt. program during the great depression.
    Federal theatre project
  33. Julie Andrews became a star on Broadway due to her role in this musical.
    My fair lady
  34. These two types of songs feature quick, witty, lyrics
    The patter song and the list song
  35. Rodgers and Hammerstein met for the first time when Lorenz Hart suggested they work together on Oklahoma! T/F
  36. This musical is important because it introduced an anti-hero and it does not have a conventional happy ending.
    Pal Joey
  37. This musical is the first musical in the Golden Age.
  38. This convention, invented by George Balanchine, was perhaps best executed by Agnes de Mille in Oklahoma!
    A) Chorus line
    B) The hoe down
    C) The walk about
    D) The two step
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  39. In 1935 George and Ira Gershwin opened this all black opera on Broadway
    Porgy and Bess
  40. Victor Herbert was known by which title
    Father of American operetta
  41. Rex Harrison, who played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady couldn't really sing. T/F
  42. Irving Berlin's This is the Army important because:
    Its cast was the first fully integrated unit in the US army
  43. Which of the following is not considered an antecedent of MT
    A) Minstrelsy
    B) Melodrama
    C) Opera
    D) Greek and Roman Theatre
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  44. This composer had no formal training but became of of the greatest American songwriters of the 20th century
    Irving Berlin
  45. This choreo/director known for his ability to display character through dance, choreographed both West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof.
    Jerome Robbins
  46. Which of the following is the most important contribution of west side story to the development of American musical theatre?
    Using dance to tell story/develop character
  47. This writing team, whose most recent musical debuted in 2010, wrote the music for Cabaret and Chicago
    Kander and Ebb
  48. This scandal in 1970s contributed to the creation of Chicago because of the senationalism in the media
  49. Which of the following is not a considered at least a partially a concept musical:
    A) Hair
    B) Chicago
    C) Cabaret
    D) Gypsy
    E) None of the above
  50. Which of the following is true of Rado and Ragni, the creators of Hair.
    They were seasoned actors
  51. In traditional dance the man's job is to showcase and/or support the woman. T/F
  52. This musical "brought down the curtain on the Golden Age of musical theatre"
    Fiddler on the Roof
  53. This director is responsible for the version of Hair that opened on Broadway in 1968
    Tom O'Horgan
  54. This musical was the first musical with Jewish Themes to appear on Broadway
    Milk and Honey
  55. This musical features working class men who decided to become strippers because they are out of work:
    The Full Monty
  56. Which of these conventions of Golden Age musical theatre does NOt appear in Fiddler on the roof.
    A) Dream ballet
    B) Integration of song
    C) A Happy ending
    D) Emphasis on story
    E) None of the above
    A happy ending
  57. Which of the following artists worked on WSS (choose all that apply)
    A) Stephen Sondheim
    B) Oscar Hammerstein II
    C) Frank Loesser
    D) Jerome Robbins
    E) None of the above
    Sondheim and Robbins
  58. T/F, The original production of Cabaret featured the Emcee revealing himself as a victim of the Holocaust at the end of the show
  59. This 2010 musical about several black men falsely convicted of rape is framed as minstrel show
    The Scottsboro Boys
  60. Which of the following was a new trend in musical theatre during the 1970s
    Black musicals
  61. This musical is based on a work by Voltaire
  62. This Frank Loesser musical should have won the Pulitzer Prize in 1951 but no prize was given that year
    Guys and Dolls
  63. The practice of pointing out the theatrically in a work of theatre is called
  64. Funny girl, the Jule Styne musical based on life of Fanny Bryce launched the career of
    Barbara Stresiand
  65. This musical is known for its innovative use of reprises
  66. La Cage Aux Folles, written by this composer, featured a love song between two men
    Jerry Herman
  67. Who wrote the music and lyrics for Fiddler on the Roof?
    A) Jerry Herman
    B) Frank Loesser
    C) Stephen Sondheim
    D) Jule Styne
    E) None of the above
    None of the above - Bock and Harnick
  68. The working title of A Chorus Line was
    The Dancer's Project
  69. Which musical set the precedent of being a triple threat being a necessity for Broadway Performers
    West Side Story
  70. This man was the director/choreographer for A Chorus Line
    Michael Bennett
  71. This organization was formed by the actors union because of the tremendous impact the AIDs crisis had on Broadway
    Broadway cares equity fights AIDS
  72. This composer/composing team is known for creating middle aged female leading characters
    Jerry Herman
  73. The revival of this musical featured Daniel Radcliffe and one of the Jonas Bros.
    How to succeed in business without really trying
  74. Turkey Lurkey Time from promises, promises, is a great example of this choreographer's combination of classical dance styles with contemporary dance moves
    Bob Fosse
  75. This Bock and Harnick musical won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama
    A) Fiddler on the Roof
    B) Sunday in the Park with George
    C) Tenderloin
    D) Fiorello!
    E) None of the above
    E) None of the above
  76. This musical based on The Shop Around the Corner, is an excellent example of a Chamber Musical
    She Loves Me
  77. What is the concept of Chicago?
  78. In 1968, this major event occurred while the American public watched on television and it caused sentiments about war to shift.
    A) D-Day
    B) The bay of pigs invasion
    C) Watergate
    D) Invention of the birth control pill
    E) None of the above
    E) None of the above - Vietcong(?)
  79. These 2 musicals were created through a collaborative processes that involved the performers:
    A chorus line and hair
  80. Michael Jackson and Diana Ross starred in film version of this 1977 hit musical that featured an all black cast. Black wizard of oz
    The Wiz
  81. This composer worked with many female lyricists including Betty Comden and Dorothy Fields
    Cy Coleman
  82. This musical with a book by Neil Simon and choreo by Bob Fosse features the iconic number "Big Spender"
    Sweet Charity
  83. This Golden Age actress is best known for originating the role of Peter Pan
    Mary Martin
  84. This musical (in the worlds of Harvey Fierstein) "was not the first gay musical on Broadway, but it was the first gay musical to make money..."
    La Cage Aux Folles
  85. This musical, based on Thornton Wilder's The Matchmaker, won 10 Tony's in 1964
    Hello, Dolly
  86. This composer created his own publishing company in order to have greater control over his music:
    Frank Loesser
  87. T/F: Musicals in the 1960s and 1970s attempted to follow the formulas of the Golden Age but were unsuccessful
  88. The name of the village in Fiddler on the roof
  89. Which of the following is not a trend of contemporary musical theatre?
    A) Jukebox musicals
    B) Revivals
    C) Dansicals
    D) Book Musicals
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  90. This composer of Bring it on, and in the heights is known for his combination of rap, rock, and latin music
    Lin Manuel Miranda
  91. This Sondheim musical is written entirely in 3/4 or waltz time
    A Little Night Music
  92. T/F: 42nd street was the first musical movie adapted for the Broadway stage
  93. Which of the following is not considered a Mega Musical.
    A) Phantom of the Opera
    B) Cats
    C) Les Miserables
    D) Miss Saigon
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  94. Which of the following is a theme in RENT but not a theme in La Boheme, the opera RENT is based on?
    A) Illness
    B) Friendship
    C) Homosexuality
    D) Love
    E) None of the above
  95. This sequel to Phantom of the Opera is not very good and is set in Coney Island, NY
    Love Never Dies
  96. This jukebox musical tells the story of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons using the music of Four Seasons.
    Jersey Boys
  97. T/F The rise of Mega musical in the 1980s signaled the death of the traditional book musical and the form has not really reemerged since.
  98. Which musical theatre subgenre does RENT best fit into
    Rock Opera
  99. This Jazz Era composers had two new musicals on Broadway in the last 25 year
    George and Ira Gershwin
  100. This 2009 Chamber musical featured a rock score and told the story of a woman struggling with mental illness.
    A) Caroline or change
    B) Wicked
    C) The wild party
    D) Aida
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  101. Urinetown is an excellent example of a reflexive musical, which is a musical that:
    Refers to itself as a musical
  102. This Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is currently the second longest running in Broadway history behind Phantom of the Opera
  103. Which of the following musicals was not produced by Disney on Broadway?
    A) Beauty and the beast
    B) Tarzan
    C) Aida
    D) Newsies
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  104. Which of the following would not be considered integrated book musical?
    A) Hairspray
    B) Lion King
    C) Beauty and the Beast
    D) Book of Mormon
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  105. In Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals, this element is often valued over any other
  106. Why is RENT important to the development of American musical?
    It is first truly innovative musical Broadway had seen in 10 years.
  107. Only Sondheim musical that has not been revived on Broadway
  108. T/F: 2012 revival of Evita starred Ricky Martin as Che
  109. Which of the following Musicals do not feature Music by Stephen Sondheim.
    A) Company
    B) Into the Woods
    C) Assasins
    D) Merrily we roll along
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  110. This producer of Hello Dolly and 42nd street was known as the "Abdominable snowman" He took out fake ads, cancelled previews, and referred to Broadway as his poker game:
    David Merrick
  111. This producer is known for his iconic advertising for Mega Musicals including Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables
    Cameron Mackintosh
  112. This musical featured a helicopter and a Cadillac on stage
    Miss Saigon
  113. T/F: Sondheim has won 24 Tony awards over the course of his career.
  114. This musical, is currently running on Broadway, is a revival of a musical originally written in the 1970s about King Charlemagne and his son.
  115. Which of the following is not a type of Jukebox musical?
    A) Using the music of one artists to tell the story of that artist
    B) Using new music to tell the story of one music artist
    C) Using the music of one artist to tell a new story
    D) Using the music of multiple artists to tell a new story
    E) None of the above
    Using the music of one artist to tell a new story
  116. Rock of Ages fits into which subgenre(s)
    A) Jukebox musical
    B) Reflexive musical
    C) Rock musical
    D) Book musical
    E) All of the above
    All of the above
  117. Which of the following contemporary composers would not be considered to write in a "Sondheimesque" style?
    Robert Lopez
  118. This Disney Musical features tap dancing on the ceiling
    Mary Poppins
  119. This composer of Avenue Q and Book of Mormon holds the EGOT
    Robert Lopez
  120. T/F: Sondheim wrote a musical called Sunday in the Park with George about pointillism and based on a painting that is housed in the Art institute in Chicago
  121. This Sondheim musical is an excellent example of a concept musical. It is set in a "metaphysical birthday party" and its original set featured a working elevator.
  122. A musical that was a film first and was then adapted for the stage is called:
    Screen to s tage
  123. Which Golden Age characteristic is not present in the musical Hairspray?
    Traditional character types
  124. This musical launched the career of Andrew Lloyd Webber when its performance at a prep school was reviewed in a major newspaper.
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  125. This composer of Wicked also composed music for Pippin and Godspell
    Steven Schwartz
  126. This Chamber musical which won the Tony for best musical in 2012 features actors who play instruments on stage
  127. Music of the night from Phantom of the Opera sounds just like a song from this Lerner and Lowe music, However, Webber said the song was an homage to the duo.
  128. Which of the following movies has not been made into a musical.
    A) Xanadu
    B) Rocky
    C) Legally Blonde
    D) Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella
    E) None of the above
    None of the above
  129. Which of the following musicals did not win the Pulitzer for Drama?
    A) Next to normal
    B) Of thee I sing
    C) Rent
    D) Once
  130. T/F: It is cheaper to develop a show on Broadway than in West End in London
  131. This team is responsible for Les Miserables and Miss Saigon.
    Alain Boublil and Claude Schonberg
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