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  1. When was the Quasi War and
    with whom?

  2. When did congress authorize the capture of French vessels hovering off the U.S. coast?
    May 28, 1798       
  3. How many Cutters during the Quasi War were
    assigned & where?
    • 8 cutters along the southern coast of the
    • Caribbean Sea & along the West Indies Islands.
  4. What cutter captured 10
    prizes during Quasi War?
    Cutter Pickering
  5. What cutter recaptured American vessels Nancy & Mehitable in a fight in 1799 against whom?
    • Cutter Eagle 
    • Against French Privateer Revenge
  6. The war of 1812 was with whom? Which cutter captured the first prize?
    • England
    • Cutter Jefferson                                 
  7. One of the most hotly contested battles was between the Cutter ______ and the British frigate
    • Cutter Surveyor 
    • British frigate Narcissis (Captain Samuel Travis)
  8. War of 1812, what cutters flag was shot away 3 times?
    Cutter Eagle
  9. Mexican –American War? First time what was used?
    • Declared from U.S. May 13, 1846
    • Steamboats
  10. What cutters delivered rifles to troops before the battles of Monterey & Buena Vista?
    Cutters Ewing & Legare
  11. What cutter is credited with firing the first
    naval shots of the Civil War? 
    Harriet Lane
  12. Spanish-American War? Consequence of what?
    • Spain declared war on U.S. April 24, 1898
    • Our intervention with Spain/Cuba crisis
  13. What cutter was engaged in battle in Manila Bay & also served as an escort dispatch boat for Commodore George Dewey’s Asiatic Squadron?
    Cutter McCulloch 
  14. On May 11, 1898 in Cardenas Bay Cuba, which Cutter and torpedo boat were engaged in a battle with Spanish gunboats?
    • Cutter Hudson
    • USS Winslow
  15. With the massacre of Ensign _______ U.S. Navy, the Cutter________rescued the craft from destruction.

    ////////////Because of the rescue what awards were given////////////
    • Ensign Bagley
    • CutterHudson
    • Gold Medal – LT frank Newcomb's 
    • Silver Medal – to Newcomb’s Officers
    • BronzeMedal - to each crewmember                     
  16. What years was World War 1?
  17. After German submarines deliberately sunk_______ the U.S. entered World War 1 when?
    • 3 American vessels
    • April 2, 1917
  18. World War 1 which 6 cutters were deployed and where?
    • Ossipee
    • Seneca
    • Yamacraw
    • Algonquin
    • Manning
    • Tampa
    • In Gibraltar 
  19. On September 26, 1917 which cutter was torpedoed by a German sub?
    Cutter Tampa
  20. On what date was the Cutter Tampa torpedoed by a German sub?
    • September 26, 1917
    • Of the 115 lives lost 111 were coasties
  21. What year did World War 1 end?
  22. What war had a higher percentage of Coast Guard personnel killed than any other service?
    World War 1
  23. What years did World War 2 take place?
    1941 - 1945
  24. What Coast Guard Cutter made the first capture of WW2?
    The Cutter Northland took Norwegian trawler Boskoe into “protective custody” and captured 3 German radioman ashore. 
  25. What cutter during WW2 used depth charges to force surface of a German sub to surface and with only a 3inch gun forced the surrender?
    165 ft Cutter Icarus
  26.  In early 1943 after a sharp gun battle which cutter sank an enemy sub by ramming it?
    Cutter Campbell
  27. Douglas Munroe:
    • September 27, 1942 Medal Of Honor
    • Initial landing in Guadalcanal
    • Rescue of marines near the Matanikau River 
  28. When did the CG begin conducting neutrality patrols?
    September 5, 1939
  29. What years did the Vietnam War take place?
  30. During the Vietnam War, how many CG cutters were involved in operation “market Time”?
    Twenty-six 82 foot cutters
  31. When did “Desert Shield” become “Desert Storm”?
    January 17, 1991
  32. When did the federal lifesaving service begin to take shape?
  33. What was an iron boat on a wagon used for SAR called?
    “life car”
  34. What was a community leader who was put in
    charge of the station and organized his volunteer crew called?
    • Wreckmaster
    • In 1850 the ship Ayshire grounded during a snow storm at Squan Beach, NJ. Under the supervision of Wreckmaster John Maxon, the volunteers rescued 201 of the 202.
  35. When was the Life-Saving service “reborn” and
    under whom?
    • 1871
    • Sumner L. Kimball assisted by Revenue Marine Captain John Faunce
  36. Who was responsible for the largest migrants
    CGC Dauntless November 24, 1995 rescued 578 migrants
  37. When did the Coast Guards mission to protect the environment begin when congress created the timber reserve for the Navy?
  38. When were Revenue Cutters given authority to
    enforce all Alaskan Game Laws?
    May 11, 1908
  39. Who, when and where was the first recorded
    narcotics seizure?
    • USRC Wolcott boarded and found Opium on US ship George E. Starr
    • August 31, 1890
    • Straights of Juan de Fuca
  40. When did the Titanic strike an iceberg with a result of over 1,500 lives lost?
    April 15, 1912
  41. In 1913 when the Navy could no longer spare
    ships for ice patrol, what two Revenue Cutters assumed the responsibility?
    Cutters Seneca & Miami
  42. Sounds to guide ships?
    • Fog bells – 1852
    • Mechanical striking bell – 1969
    • Fog trumpet – 1872
    • Air siren – 1887
  43. The only Coast Guard manned light station in the U.S. is located where?
    Boston Harbor
  44. Who served 38 years at Matinicus Rock & White Head Light Stations Maine?
    Abbie Burgess
  45. What cites the Coast Guard as a military
    Title 14 U.S. Code
  46. When was the Coast Guard Reserve & Auxiliary
    act established?
    February 19, 1941
  47. On November 23, 1942 what established the Women’s Reserve as a branch of the Coast Guard?
    Public Law 773
  48. The first organized Coast Guard reserve unit was where?
    Boston in 1950
  49. What was created on June 23, 1939 by the Coast Guard Reserve Act of 1939?
    Coast Guard Auxiliary
  50. In September 1945 congress enacted what, which included owners of aircraft & radio stations eligible for Auxiliarist membership?
    Public Law 451
  51. When did the twin sisters Genevieve & Lucille Baker become the first uniformed women to serve in Coast Guard?
  52. In 1945 who were the first 5 African-American
    females to enter the SPAR’s?
    • Olivia Hooker
    • D. Winifred Byrd
    • Julia Mosely
    • Yvonne Cumberpatch
    • Aileen Cooke
  53. Who and when was the first Coast Guard E-9?
    • YNCM Jack Kerwin
    • November 1, 1958
  54. Who and when was the first SPAR E-9?
    • YNCM Pearl Faurie
    • 1962
  55. When/who was the first Coast Guard E-10?
    • BMCM Charles L. Calhoun
    • August 17, 1969
  56. When and what were the first women’s enlisted basic indoctrination classes established?
    • 1972
    • Yeoman,Storekeeper, Radioman and Hospital Corpsman
  57. In 1973 what events happened?
    • Legislation ends women’s reserve
    • Women are integrated into Active Duty
    • Women are admitted to OCS
    • Combat exclusion ends for women
    • 1st SPAR sworn into regular CG – Alice Jefferson
  58. What year were all Officer Career fields and
    enlisted ratings open to women?
  59. What year were Enlisted women assigned to
    isolated units?
  60. When was the Chief Petty Officer Academy Class 1 commenced?
    • November 1982
    • 6 E-9’s & 4 E-8’s
    • “We Came With Hope That Others Might Follow”
  61. BMCM Donald H. Horsley
    • Served 44 years spanning 3 wars and 34 vessels
    • Retired 1987
  62. 1988:
    • First female OIC afloat – Diane Bucci
    • 1st African-American female engineer E-7-Pamela Autry
    • 1st Asian CWO – Grace Parmelee
  63. Who was the 1st OIC ashore?
    Krystine Carbajal in 1989
  64. Operation Desert Shield began with how many women reservist?
  65. What year did Operation Desert Shield begin?
  66. Who was the First Hispanic female E-7 and when?
    Sonia Colon / 1992
  67. Coast Guard actually begins August 4, 1790 with what 10 cutters?
    • Vigilant
    • Active
    • General Green
    • Massachusetts
    • Scammel
    • Argus
    • Virginia
    • Diligence
    • South Carolina
    • Eagle
  68. When did The Revenue Cutter Service & U.S.
    lifesaving service merge?
    January 28, 1915 creating today’s Coast Guard
  69. Who is the most celebrated lifesavers (U.S.
    Lifesaving Service) credited for more than 600 lives and earning 2 lifesaving medals?
    Joshua James
  70. Who was one of the most famous people to have served in the U.S. Lighthouse service?
    Ida Lewis
  71. Who was the keeper of Lime Rock Light Station
    and saved 18 lives with 39 years of service?
    Ida Lewis
  72. Who was the first keeper class coastal buoy
    tender named after?
    Ida Lewis
  73. What Surfman single handedly rescued 10 people from the grounded ship “Priscilla” August 18, 1899 and received the Gold
    Lifesaving Medal?
    Surfman Rasmus S. Midgett
  74. What Lighthouse keeper after a storm cared for over 200 people?
    Margaret Norvell
  75. Who was awarded the Navy Cross Medal for his
    actions at Manantikau River, Guadalcanal on September 27, 1942?
    Petty officer (later Commander) Raymond J. James
  76. Who was awarded the Bronze star for his heroic actions after his cutter came under attack from friendly aircraft August 1966
    in South Vietnam?
    BMC Richard Patterson
  77. The applicant minimum eligibility requirements for appointment to warrant grade must be completed by when?
    January 1st of the year in which CWO appointment board convenes
  78. How many years in service for appointment to CWO?
    8 years total service in U.S. armed service with last 4 years in Coast Guard
  79. Minimum pay grade with at least how much sea time when applying for which specialties?
    E-6 with at least 1 year sea duty IN pay grade E-6 or above when applying for Boatswain, Weapons, or Naval Engineering
  80. How long is OCS?
    17 weeks
  81. What pay grade are members appointed to at
    graduation from OCS?
    Ensign or LTJG
  82. How old do you have to be to attend OCS?
    21 – 26 years old
  83. How is College Tuition Assistance paid?
    Less than 18 weeks tuition is paid “up front” More than 18 weeks tuition is reimbursed upon completion of course
  84. What pay grades can receive Coast Guard
    Foundation Enlisted Education Grants?
    E-3 to E-9 with 2 or more years of Coast Guard service
  85. How much money can you receive through Coast Guard Foundation Enlisted Education Grants?
    up to $350 per year
  86. What is the Military Education Assessment
    CGI 1560/04e
  87. When is a “Report of Survey” not required?
    Property with value of less than $500
  88. Is Damage caused by normal wear and tear or end of service life considered property damage?
  89. What is the Report of Survey form?
  90. What are the 2 types of training?
    • Non-resident example-AST1 end of course
    • Resident-“C” schools
  91. What is the Short Term Training Request form number?
  92. What number is the Property Management Manual?
  93. A micro purchase is how much for Construction?
  94. A micro purchase is how much for Services?
  95. How much is a micro purchase for Supply?
  96. If product is more than $3000 what is needed?
    3 price quotes are needed or single source of supply
  97. The Tag Out system is covered in what manual?
    COMDTINST 9077.1.C
  98. What is the Coast Guard Rescue & Survival
    Systems Manual?
    M 10420.10
  99. What is used by all members whenever the potential for exposure to blood borne pathogens that exist?
    Universal Precautions
  100. Protective measures to eliminate or minimize
    employee exposure to infectious materials include what?
    • Engineering Controls
    • Work practice controls
    • Use of PPE
    • Training of Universal Precautions
  101. There are many important components of
    instructing personnel, however what is most important?
  102. An Instruction remains in effect for how long?
    until replaced or canceled by the originator or higher authority.
  103. How often are Instructions reviewed?
    every 4 years
  104. Manuals are what?
    • Permanent type of instructions that needs 25 pages or more, has a table of contents
    • and are organized into chapters and sections.
  105. How often are Manuals reviewed?
    annually by originators and cancelled when no longer applicable
  106. What are Message-Type Notices?
    • -Notices (NOTES) transmitted via the Coast Guard Message System
    • -Urgent in nature
    • -Provide information required by law or regulation, an issue of safety, or important to the morale of Coast Guard personnel
  107. When will Notices (NOTE) automatically be
    after 12 months
  108. These are a Set of instructions for operations
    that lend themselves to definite or standardized procedure, used for internal procedures at a unit and have no defined format.
    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  109. COMDTINS M1000.6A
    • COMDT – the originator /Commandant
    • INST – type of directive
    • M – Manual
    • 1000 – is SSIC “military personnel
    • 6 – sixth directive to use this SSIC
    • A– stands for a rewritten or revised directive B- would indicate 3rd version
  110. Coast Guard messages:
    • Flash (Z) – fast as possible with a goal of 10 minutes
    • Immediate (O) – 30 minutes
    • Priority (P) – 3 hours
    • Routine(R) – 6 hours

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