Bio Final: Seeds (5) {Ginkgo}

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  1. a.       __genus and __species
    b.      Common __
    c.       Sometimes called a __ because of __

    d.      Sole survivor of group that used to be larger

                                                                   i.      Some species became extinct
    • One x2
    • ornamental tree
    • maidenhair ree
    • leaves (fan-shaped)
  2. 1.       Range gradually narrowed until they were left with one species
    a.       When this happens to plants, it’s clear that __
    this group is headed to extinction
  3. a.       Size:
                                                                   i.      Can be __ tall
    b.      Each tree has __
                                                                   i.      The only water-conducting cell that these kind of trees (cycads and conifers too) are __
    1.       The tracheids are the more __of the two cells of xylem
    c.       Vascular plants except for flowering plants have __
                                                                   i.      Major difference of water moving through tracheid and vessel element is that __
    • 100 ft
    • one central stem
    • tracheids
    • primitive 
    • tracheids
    • water moves more slowly than in vessel elements where it has to go through both cell walls
  4. a.       Leaves are __

                                                                   i.      Really __leaves allowing growth in places like cities

    1.       A lot of other trees wouldn’t be able to survive
    • fan-shaped with a deep sinus in the middle= biloba (two lobes to it)
    • resistant
  5. a.       Branches
                                                                   i.      Two basic types
    1.       One: __
    a.       Have a tendency to __
                                                                                                                                           i.      Think of as the __
    2.       Two: __
    a.       __
    b.      Also called __

    c.       Vast majority of leaves are attached to __ although both can have them

    d.      Gives leaves __ 
    • long shoots
    • grow faster
    • main branches

    • spur shoots
    • Come off the long shoots and grow very slowly
    • slow shoots
    • spur shoots
    • clumped appearance
  6. a.       There are male and female trees
                                                                   i.      Male and female parts occur on __
    1.       Male trees produce __, which don’t look __; they are __

    a.       Where are male strobili produced?

                                                                                                                                           i.      Never attached to __
    diferent leaves


    big; they are loose cones

    Right at the tip of the spur shoots

    long shoot
  7.                                                                i.      If there are male and female trees, the pollen gets to the female tree through __
                                                                 ii.      Sperm looks similar to __
    1.       Has __
    2.       Not as large as cycads but have basic shape
    • wind
    • cycads
    • flagella
  8.                                                                i.      Female reproductive structure
    1.       __
    2.       Ovule has typical structure (think of pine or cycad to see)
    a.       No difference except for __
    No cone; just a bunch of megasporophylls at the end of a stalk, each producing one ovule      NO STROBILUS

    outer portion of the ovule
  9.                                                                                                                                        i.      Once pollen in ovule, the timing between pollination and fertilization can be__
    1.       What can happen in the meantime is the __ 
    a.       Fertilization can happen still when the ovules are off the tree
    a couple of months

    ovules can fall off the tube
  10. a.       Only __ produced
    b.      Extending out: __
    c.       Outer portion of seed coat is very __
                                                                                                                                           i.      Middle layer to seed coat which is __
                                                                                                                                         ii.      Innermost segment is n o t
    d.      Compared to aot of seeds, this seed differs by its __
    two ovules

    the integuments form a tube and the micropylar has a pollination droplet at the end of the micropylar tube

    fleshy and soft

    very hard and very stony

    fleshy outer covering
  11.                                                                i.      Smells
    1.       The __ smells
    a.       Unpleasant acids (butanoic and hexanoic)
    b.      Although it is eaten, you must get through the __ to make sure __
                                                                 ii.      For landscaping, buy a male tree; they don’t smell
    1.       Cuttings are on male tree
    • outer seed coat
    • fleshy coat to make sure acids are gone
  12. a.       Food source for embryo: __ (same for pine and cycads= different in flowering plants)
    female gametophyte
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