Day 29

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  1. acid
    adj. biting, acrid                 신랄함
  2. amass
    v. accumulate, collect, gather   모으다,축척하다

    The clever speculator amassed a fortune shortly before the market collapsed.
  3. breakthrough
    n. advance, progress         돌파구,약진, 큰 발전

    The discovery of a cure for AIDS would be a huge breakthrough for modern science.
  4. cause
    v. trigger, result in, bring about, produce, elicit           야기 시키다, 초래하다
  5. certain
    adj. specific, definite                   일정한
  6. component
    n. element, ingredient, constituent  성분
  7. conditional
    adj. dependent, contingent  조건부의, ~여하에 달린
  8. confront
    v. face, affront, encounter            직면하다
  9. consequence
    n. ramification, result, effect, aftermath  결과
  10. crack
    v. break, snap, slit, split         쪼개다, 깨뜨리다
  11. crude
    adj. rough, raw, unrefined      천연 그대로의, 가공하지 않은

    Since 1869 US crude oil prices adjusted for inflation have averaged $18.63 per barrel.
  12. drought
    n. a prolonged lack of moisture, aridity  가뭄
  13. effort
    n. attempt, endeavor, exertion, striving   노력
  14. emerge
    v. appear, loom, spring up, come out   나타나다
  15. endurance
    n. stamina, patience, durability, lastingness 인내, 내구력
  16. euphoria
    n. extreme happiness, ecstasy, rapture  행복감

    The euphoria Noah felt as his daughter was born was greater than any joy he had previously experienced.
  17. exacerbate
    v. intensify, worsen, aggravate     더욱 심하게 하다, (특히 질병, 문제를) 악화시키다

    Salty water exacerbated the pain of the cut on Timothy's foot.
  18. explain
    v. account for, elucidate, explicate, clarify 설명하다
  19. finish
    v. complete, terminate, end, conclude  끝내다
  20. hollow
    adj. empty                          텅 빈
  21. lash
    v. tie, bind               묶다, 매다
  22. leisurely
    adj. relaxed, slow, easy, unhurried     느긋한
  23. manageable
    adj. controllable, affordable      관리할 수 있는, 감당할 수 있는
  24. note
    n. eminence, repute, celebrity      명성
  25. periphery
    n. edge, border, fringe, margin, verge  주변부 (어떤 범위의) 주변

    The outer periphery of the hurricane is generally made up of rain bands.
  26. practical
    adj. pragmatic, effective, practicable   실용적인
  27. prerequisite
    n. necessary condition, qulification, requirement 필요조건
  28. relatively
    adv. comparatively, by comparison    비교적으로
  29. rudimentary
    adj. basic, primitive, undeveloped, elementary             기본적인, 기초적인

    Joy has only a rudimentary understanding of art.
  30. selected
    adj. chosen                           선택된

    The student panel was composed of randomly selected seniors.
  31. shed
    v. 1. discard, cast off, molt       탈피하다

    A snake will shed its skin several times in its lifetime.

    v 2. radiate                           (빛 등을) 비추다

    The lamp shed its light into every corner of the room.
  32. spotty
    adj. intermittent, uneven, irregular  고르지 않은, 여드름이 많이 난

    Those traveling by rail should know that train service can be spotty and should have a back up plan.
  33. staunch
    adj. strong, firm, faithful, stalwart, loyal  확고한, 충실한, 독실한

    The politician thanked his campaign workers for their staunch support.
  34. stress
    n. 1. emphasis, accent              강조

    v. 2. emphasize                         강조하다
  35. stunted
    adj. hindered            (성장이) 멎은

    John suffered from polio during his childhood, and is now permanently stunted in his ability to walk normally.
  36. trespass
    v. invade, encroach, infringe, intrude   침해하다, 잘못하다
  37. trumpet
    v. proclaim, announce, broadcast, declare 공표하다

    The United Nations trumpeted the eradication of polio as the first step to a healthier world.
  38. via
    prep. by way of, by, through  ~을 경유하여
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