Greek Alphabet Diphthongs and Double Consonants

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  1. Α α
    • alpha
    • a:/ as in "father"
  2. Β β
    • Beta
    • /v/ as in "vat"
  3. Γ γ
    • gamma
    • /g/ as in "go" but /y/ as in "yet" before /i/ or /e/ sounds
  4. Δ δ
    • Delta
    • /δ/ (th) as in "then" not /θ/ as in "thin"
  5. Ε ε
    • E-psilon
    • /e/ as in "set"
  6. Ζ ζ
    • Zeta
    • /z/ as in "daze"
  7. Η η
    • Eta
    • /i/ as in "machine" and "seen"
  8. Θ θ
    • Theta
    • /θ/ as in "thin" but not /δ/ as in "then"
  9. Ι ι
    • Iota
    • /i/ as in "machine" and "seen"
  10. Κ κ
    • Kappa
    • /k/ as in "kitchen"
  11. Λ λ
    • Lambda
    • /l/ as in "little"
  12. Μ μ
    • Mu
    • /m/ as in "me"
  13. Ν ν
    • Nu
    • /n/ as in "knee"
  14. Ξ ξ
    • Xi
    • /ks/ as in "knicks" or /x/ as in "ax"
  15. Ο ο
    • O-micron
    • /o/ as in "tote" or "boat"
  16. Π π
    • Pi
    • /p/ as in "pan"
  17. Ρ ρ
    • Rho
    • /R/ more like the Spanish trilled r than English r
  18. Σ σ,ς
    • Sigma
    • /s/ as in "sister"
  19. Τ τ
    • Tau
    • /t/ as in "stop" (but unlike top)
  20. Υ υ
    • U-psilon
    • /y/ like German u
  21. Φ φ
    • Phi
    • /f/ as in "fan" or "phone"
  22. Χ χ
    • Chi
    • /χ/ Not found in English. Much like Spanish "j"
  23. Ψ ψ
    • Psi
    • /ps/ as in "lips"
  24. Ω ω
    • O-mega
    • /o/ as in "tote"
  25. αι
    /e/ as in "bet"
  26. ει
    /i/ as in "machine"
  27. οι
    /i/ as in "machine"
  28. ου
    /u/ as in "boot" or "soup"
  29. υι
    // as in "yet"
  30. αν
    /av/ as in "of" before s, voiced consonants (b,g,d,z,l,m,n,r); /af/ as in "prof" before all the other letters
  31. εν
    /ev/ as in "ever" or /ef/ as in "effort" following the same rule for αυ
  32. γγ
    /ηg/ as in "anger" or "sing"
  33. γκ
    /ηk/ as in "ink"
  34. γχ
    /ηχ/ Not found in English. You may substitue /ηk/ as "ink" or "anchor"
  35. μπ
    /mb/ in the middle of words. /b/ elsewhere
  36. ντ
    /nd/ in the middle of words. /d/ elsewhere

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Greek Alphabet Diphthongs and Double Consonants
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Greek Alphabet Diphthongs DoubleConsonants

Greek Alphabet Dipthongs and Double Consonants
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