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  1. What are some properties of gasses?
    • They expand to completely fill and take shape of their container
    • Low density (much less than solid or liquid)
    • Compressible 
    • Gaseous mixtures are always homogeneous
  2. Pressure
    • The total force applied to a certain area 
    • Larger force= larger pressure
    • Smaller area= larger pressure 
  3. What causes gas pressure?
    By the colliding of gas molecules with the container or surface
  4. What causes gas pressure to rise?
    More forceful collisions or more frequent collisions of gas molecules
  5. What is used to measure air pressure?
  6. Higher altitude =?
    Decreased air pressure
  7. 1 standard atmosphere(atm) is equivalent to what amount of torr?
    760.0 torr
  8. 1atm is equivalent to how much psi and pa?
    1atm = 14.69 psi = 101,325pascals
  9. What does psi stand for?
    Pounds per square inch
  10. What does a manometer measure?
    Measure the atmospheric pressure of gas sample relative to the atmospheric pressure
  11. How would you convert 28psi to atm?
    • Use equivalence statements.
    • So you know 1atm is 1.000 for ever 14.69psi
    • Use the equation to cancel out units

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  12. How would you convert 1.9atm to torr
    • You use the equivalence statement 1.000atm = 760.0torr
    • Set up the equation and cancel out units 
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  13. Convert from 1.9 atm to pa
    • Use the equivalence statement 1.000atm = 101,325pa
    • Cancel out the units
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  14. Ideal gas law
    PV = nRT
  15. What does R in the Ideal Gas law equation stand for?
    • R= Ideal Gas Constant 
    • Its equal to = 0.08206 Latm/Mole K
  16. What is Boyle's law?
    • State pressure is inversely proportional to volume.
    • If pressure is increased, volume decreases.
    • P1V1=P2V2
    • or
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  17. When using equations for gas, what must you do to all temperature?
    Convert to kelvins

    If C add 273
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