Exercise 21 - Reflex Physiology

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  1. receptor
    the site of stimulus action
  2. sensory neuron
    transmits afferent impulses to the CNS
  3. integration center
    interprets sensory inputs and decide what should be done at each moment
  4. motor neuron
    conducts efferent impulses from the integration center to an effector organ
  5. effector
    responds to efferent impulses characteristically (by contracting or secreting, respectively)
  6. somatic versus autonomic reflexes
    • somatic reflexes include all those reflexes that involve stimulation of skeletal muscles by the stomatic divison of the nervous system. EX: the rapid withdrawal of a hand from a hot object
    • Type: stretch reflex, patellar reflex, plantar reflex
    • autonomic reflexes are mediated through the autonomic nervous system, and activate smooth muscles, and cardiac muscle, and the glands of the body, and they regulate body functions such as digestion, elimination, blood pressure, salivation, and sweating
    • Type: pupillary reflex
  7. diagnostic significance of the reflexes
  8. the cranial nerve that aids in the papillary reflex
    cranial nerve II and III
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