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  1. 4 steps to generate a recombinant plasmid
    • digestion with restriction enzyme
    • addition of foreign DNA
    • Ligase
    • cloned DNA fragment
  2. ___________ is the energy-storing process where _________energy is captured and converted into___________energy in the form of organic molecules such as glucose
    • photosynthesis
    • light
    • reusable
  3. the chemical rxns of photosynthesis can be grouped into the _______ _________, which harness light energy from the sun, and the ______ ________, which use this energy to fix carbon dioxide and synthesize organic compounds
    • light reactions
    • calvin cycle
  4. graph for hill rxn and photosynthesis
    absorbance vs time(x)
  5. the enzyme activity catalyzed by lactase is measured by monitoring the accumulation of one of the products of the chemical rxn
  6. enzyme lactase rxn is started by mixing the substrate in a _____________ and then adding the __________
    • potassium phosphate buffer
    • enzyme
  7. for lactase enzyme experiment after the set incubation time, __________ _________ is added to stop the rxn.Then absorbance of light is measured
    potassium carbonate
  8. absorbance is a measurement of the light that is _____________
    not transmitted
  9. graph used for enzyme assay or lactase
    rate of rxn against enzyme concentration(x)
  10. graph for mitochondria succinate dehydrogenase activity
    • velocity of rxn (absorbance/time) against time
    • Acceleration
  11. calculation for rate of rxn in  enzyme concentration & absorption
    change in absorbance/15 minutes
  12. finding the enzyme concentration for absorption values
    • diluted enzyme concentration(100 units/ml) .3ml =1/3=.3333 units/l
    • x
    • uL of diluted enzyme added to test tube(25 uL=2.5
    • .333x2.5=0.8333333 units per uL
  13. finding the size of polypeptide in kDa from electrophoresis distance migrated
    • 1. on graph find log MW
    • 2. anti-log 10^(log MW)
    • 3. compare to std MW on chart
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