Survey of the Recording industry Missed Questions

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  1. Copyright industry contributes ____% of gross domestic product.
  2. The Recording industry has ______ degree of regulation. (high or low)
  3. Success of the Recording industry relies on...
    Multi-tech. of recordings and international/young audience.
  4. True or False?

    Digitization has increased the sales/interest of in young people.
  5. MPS and record labels (can or cannot) fund with outside sourcing.
  6. The main factor that led to the change in CD sales in the last decade is...
    Unauthorized downloading
  7. _______ theory focuses on recipients of messages and impact on process.
  8. External environment is most important in the ________ theory
  9. Music business is an (open or closed) system.
  10. Are there few or many gatekeepers in the music business?
  11. What makes a label a "major"?
    Being a part of a giant entertainment company.
  12. ____% plummet of Recording industry sales.
  13. With Parental Advisory stickers, sales (increase or decrease).
  14. Organization that collects royalties from sale of digital recording devices and blank media:
    Copyright office
  15. Who counts number of performances/spins?
  16. The year sound recordings were protected under the copyright laws:
  17. Collects royalties for public performances of sound recordings via digital audio transmissions:
    Sound Exchange
  18. A pirated recording is...
    A recording from an original sound recording sold in the marketplace.
  19. Does tape/lyrics/musical notation with the newspaper count as poor man's copyright?
  20. Who sets the compulsory mechanical licensing rate?
    Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels
  21. True or False:

    A "Blanket" license from a PRO is not required of cover bands.
  22. A Head Arrangement is...
    Improvisation. (Melody --> Improv --> Return to melody)
  23. Copyright protection begins...
    As soon as the product is created and placed in a fixed medium.
  24. True or False:

    Oligopoly is the current status of talent agencies because the majority are owned by the major music industry conglomerates.
  25. A rider outlines the requirements of the promoter that will be needed to put on the best performance.
  26. Booking agents generally make ______% of the artists' $.
  27. Which department within a record company is responsible for the placement of co-op advertising?
    Marketing and sales.
  28. An advance to an artist includes all but one of the following:

    A.) Repayment of royalties
    B.) Marketing expenses
    C.) Living expenses
    D.) Recording costs
    B.) Marketing expenses
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  29. A 3/4 rate is...
    The reduced mechanical rate expected of the artist/songwriter and publisher from the label often as a courtesy, allowing the artist to record his/her song.
  30. The 1909 Copyright Act...
    Requires record companies to pay music publishers a mechanical license fee for the right to make and sell copies of a recording of a song.
  31. Historically, which sound engineer makes the most $?
    Maintenance engineers.
  32. True or False:

    The AFM sets the wage for soloists in the studio based on a per-hour or per-song scale- whichever is greater.
  33. Carries deep selections that can be genre or regionally specific:
    Indie/Mom & Pop stores
  34. Billboard singles charts are based on...
  35. Which of the following is not one of the 4 stages of a product life cycle:

    A.) Introduction
    B.) Growth
    C.) Maturity
    D.) Decay
    E.) Decline
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